Tennis Elbow 2013

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Tennis Elbow Mac
Tennis Elbow Manager

Hello possible customer. I set up this page as a trap for people searching for pirated serial numbers or cracks for Tennis Elbow. I also like to look for cracks to my game. When I find one I break it so it doesn't work anymore.

If you like Tennis Elbow enough to go searching for a hack for it then I highly suggest you just buy it. It's a lot less hassle and you are 100% guaranteed that it will work now and in the future.

Tennis Elbow is not a $600 piece of software created by a big company. Pirating Tennis Elbow is hurting the little guys.

Compared to other popular entertainment options (restaurants, bars, movies, concerts) Tennis Elbow is pretty cheap, and it's a one time only cost. Buy Tennis Elbow and it is yours to play forever.

Also, you should be careful when looking around in 'warez' sites. Sometimes, they will infect your computer with viruses and/or spyware.

If you meet the "Bug #531" when you start a game, it means you probably have a pirated version, that doesn't actually really work, and that you need to buy a valid license to get it working 100%. (if you already bought the game, then just re-install it, it should correct the problem)

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