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Newsletter n°22 – March 18th 2010

Tennis Elbow 2009 v1.0e released


Tennis Elbow 2009 1.0e for Windows & Mac OSX :

We're already in 2010 and TE2009 is still getting improved ! The version 1.0e brings a good bunch of new stuff & tunings and is free for everybody who already bought TE2009, as usually.

New Features :

  • New Strike Styles : 1 Service, 1 Forehand
  • Sound : many new sounds for the crowd..!

Changes :

  • Gameplay : players deceleration lowered ; ie: you need a bit more time to stop to run ; it's closer of real life, but still a bit faster than real life to stop to run
  • Gameplay : Percentage of B1+B2 & B1 serves in slightly lowered when having the Service Consistency above the Service Power ; this should noticeably raises the number of double faults for people not using the Button 2 to do their 2nd serve
  • Gameplay : Counter style slightly enhanced ; he can now take the ball significantly earlier than other styles without much handicap
  • Gameplay : Kicked serve is a bit shorter
  • Gameplay : Ball difficulty raised when very short time to prepare a volley
  • Gameplay : Drop Shot harder to do when moving
  • Gameplay : Top Spin lowered when striking on the run
  • Gameplay : Auto-Positioning speed raised when smashing
  • Gameplay : Short Strike is too long on difficult balls, instead of becoming a strange drop shot
  • Gameplay : initial player speed after serve lowered, making it a little bit more hard to serve-volley
  • Gameplay : when missing a volley, there's less chance the ball will clip the net & fall on the other side
  • AI : CPU will now lob significantly less when he's close of the net
  • AI : CPU will do a tiny bit more long faults and a tiny bit less wide faults
  • Doubles AI : when serve-volleying CPU is going closer to the sideline
  • Animation : smoothed animation when still running at the end of a strike
  • Animation : Backhand slice tuned
  • Online : "Lag" has been renamed to "Delay" to avoid further confusion with the common use of "lag" word in the forum
  • Online : AntiDelay updated, it nows raises the Fast Deceleration so you need less time to stop to run when the Delay is high, which partly compensates for it
  • Online : Max Delay raised to 200ms (from 117ms) allowing to play with 400ms ping with minimal lag ; above 117ms of Delay, the game slows down a bit, up to ~20% with a 200ms Delay to give you a bit more time to react ; also, with 200ms Delay, this is pretty hard to volley, so the default Max Ping on Host creation is still 250ms ; if you want to change it when creating a game, you have to activate the "Advanced Options" in the "Misc Menu"

Bug Fixes :

  • World Tour : very tall players (above 205cm) can now serve correctly
  • Animation : Head shouldn't look in the back anymore
  • AI : at net, the CPU will now almost always play a ball that should land on the side line, instead of almost never playing it
  • Doubles AI : both CPU shouldn't go to the same side anymore
  • Doubles : Human player doesn't want to catch the ball anymore when his partner is receiving a service


/!\ Updating for Mac users: when you update to a newer version, you have to transfer the "Profiles" subfolder from your previous TE2009's folder to the new installation folder to keep your saved games.


Download links :

Tennis Elbow 2009 - Windows Version
(~20 MB - XP/2000/98/Vista/7)
Tennis Elbow 2009 - Mac OSX Version
(~25 MB - 10.3.9+ universal)


Best Regards,
Mana Games