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Newsletter n°21 – November 29th 2009

Tennis Elbow 2009 v1.0d released


Tennis Elbow 2009 1.0d for Windows & Mac OSX :

Here the last big update of the year for Tennis Elbow ! The version 1.0d brings a good bunch of improvements and is free for everybody who already bought TE2009, as usually.

New Features :

  • New Strike Styles : 1 Service, 1 Forehand
  • Animation : players now look to the ball !
  • Gameplay : on the short crossing passings, volley jump is now done slightly forward to cut the ball trajectory
  • AI : CPU can now use spin on the service (in Training Club, only with very low or high topspin skill)
  • World Tour : can see CPU vs CPU matches ; you can also take control of one or both of the CPU players (if you quit the match before it ends, the score won't be kept and will be re-simulated from the beginning)
  • 1 new court : Green Clay
  • Online : Experimental method to block Demo versions + Chat recording ; report bad online behavior in this topic :


Changes :

  • Gesture : Cheer Jump tuned
  • Animation : better legs animation when striking the ball while walking/running backward
  • Animation : Serves 1 & 2 tuned a bit
  • Gameplay & Animation : volleys animations tuned so the wingspan is wider, allowing to catch more balls at net
  • Topspin : when hitting a ball on the run, topspin is slightly lowered ; defender's topspin bonus has been lowered ; in addition the CPU puts globally a bit less topspin in the ball
  • World Tour : score simulation tuned a bit to take account of the less powerful service of the women, compared to men
  • World Tour : Players' ranking updated for end of year 2009
  • Gameplay : 1-hand Backhand handicaps raised a bit on difficult balls (ie: struck in the Red/Orange part of the Danger Zone) and on balls higher than the shoulder
  • Gameplay : lob precision lowered, especially with a low lob skill
  • AI : CPU rushes the net a bit more smartly
  • Gameplay : the Danger Zone reflects now the wingspan of the 2H-FH or/and 2H-BH (when having it) instead of the 1H slice strike, thus it's easier to position yourself when doing your normal 2H strike
  • Gameplay : easier to get Kicked Serve in
  • Online : the Block Chat feature also blocks the Quick Chat

Bug Fixes :

  • World Tour : can close the game at end of match, before coming back to the menus, without problem
  • Gameplay : low volleys don't go out anymore when prepared very early
  • Gameplay : most lobs that were supposed to be too long were actually landing on the baseline
  • World Tour : Davis Cup Matches should be counted with the correct surface in the statistics
  • World Tour : correct round displayed for Head To Head Master Cup Matches
  • Online : cannot have the Service Power above 70% anymore in Fair & Tourney Modes


/!\ Updating for Mac users: when you update to a newer version, you have to transfer the "Profiles" subfolder from your previous TE2009's directory to the new installation folder to keep your saved games.


Download links :

Tennis Elbow 2009 - Windows Version
(~20 MB - XP/2000/98/Vista/7)
Tennis Elbow 2009 - Mac OSX Version
(~25 MB - 10.3.9+ universal)


With a bit of advance, Mana Games wish you to have some great end-of-year holidays,

Best Regards,
Mana Games


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