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Newsletter n°15 – June 3rd 2008

Tennis Elbow Manager 1.0c
& Tennis Elbow 2006 Mac 1.0b


Tennis Elbow Manager 1.0c for Windows & Mac OSX :

Here an important update for Tennis Elbow Manager, free for everybody who already bought it, as usually.

The list of additions and changes :

New features :
- Qualifying : when you cannot enter a Qualifying draw because it's already full, now you can choose to enter any other Qualifying draw which isn't full
- Career Titles : Davis Cup wins are displayed
- Coached Players : can swap order of the additional coached players (from the contract screen)
- Show current training or tournament surface on left of Surface Skills
- Planning : the weeks your player will still be injured have a red background
- Planning : latest results are outlined in blue, so you can know what tournaments you played in the past 52 weeks ; roll over to see the round reached in the help bar

Changes :
- Double partner : better handling to select other coached players
- Double partner : the list to select the double partner doesn't contain players too high ranked in singles anymore
- Planning : if you register for a 2-week tournament, you cannot enter another tournament taking place on the 2nd week of the 1st tournament
- Better information messages for Wildcard & Missed Qualifying
- Injury : shortest injury can last 1 day instead of 1 week
- Practice with other players : the closest player in strength is now automatically chosen when you get the player list
- US Open: Tie Break in 5th set

Bug Fixes :
- The Match Tactic could be unwillingly changed when practicing with other players, when you had more than 1 coached player
- Wildcard for Coached Players are correctly shown on the Draws
- A few other bugs fixed

Even more changes have been done since the initial release of the version 1.0b ; to see the complete list, have a look there : .

/!\ Note for Mac OSX users : when you update to a newer version, you have to transfer the "Profiles" subfolder from your previous TEM's directory to the new installation folder to keep your saved games.


Download links:

tennis training


Tennis Elbow 2006 1.0b for Mac OSX, and update for the Windows version :

The latest version of Tennis Elbow 2006 lets you do winners more easily against CPU players, especially in the lowest difficulty levels (ie: Beginner, Club & Junior). So if you tried the game a few months back and thought it was a bit too hard, you should give it a try again now..!


Download links:
(v1.0c - ~6MB - Windows XP/2000/98/Vista)

Blue-green cement - Tennis game - Tennis Elbow



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