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Newsletter n°9 – June 3rd 2006

Play Online with Tennis Elbow 2006 v1.0a !


Tennis Elbow 2006 v1.0a has just been released.

Tennis Elbow 2006 is an update of Tennis Elbow 2005, freely available to all Tennis Elbow 2005 owners.

Here the improvements since initial v1.0 :

  • network game is now 100% stable and synchronized
  • empire announcement improved
  • a few bugs & translation texts fixed
  • in-game interface to find all available Internet games
  • network game : anti-lag & anti-packet loss system
  • no time limit when a registered user is playing online against a trial user



How to Play Online ?

It's fairly simple : just go in the "Training Club", then click on "Play", then select "Network Play". There, click on "Join Game", then "Find Internet games". Click on a game name to enter it. If no game is available at this moment, then click on "Create your own!" and at last "Create Game", and wait for an opponent to join your game. Statistics will show you approximately how long you have to wait.

If you have a router, you have to forward the port 4321.
If you have a firewall, you have to allow Tennis Elbow to access to Internet.

You can read the complete documentation here : .

So don't wait anymore, there's a bunch of players around eager to play with you!
If you want to contact other players, you can have a look at this thread in the forum, and even give your MSN, email or other messenger ID, so they could contact you back : .


Best regards,
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