Resend License Key Email

If you have lost your License Key email, you can ask it to be resent using the following form.

Resend License Key Email


If you ask for a Steam Key, you can't ask for a refund anymore.

You can ask the Key to be resent only 1 time per day. Further requests will be ignored.

To protect your confidentiality, no success nor error message will be displayed, so a third person will not be able to determine your email address nor your Customer ID by using this form.

Before to click the Request button, it is recommended to authorize all emails from in your spam filter, to avoid your spam filter to block the arrival of your License Key email.

Customer ID is needed only if you have changed of email address since you bought the game, or if you want to get a free Steam Key.

Note: your Customer ID is not your Key Code.

If you want a free Steam Key, you have to sign in through Steam account 1st (by clicking on the top green Steam icon).

If you have correctly signed in with Steam, the sign in icon will disappear, and your Steam community nickname and icon will be displayed just above "Request".

Your Steam Key will be linked to your Mana Games Key. You can't play the game on 2 computers at same time else both of your Keys might be cancelled. This binding is final and can't be changed later on.