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Postby CC » 15 Oct 2008, 02:23

I can't download the game :sad5:
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crazy of the little yellow ball
crazy of the little yellow ball
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Downloading the game

Postby solarisaint » 15 Oct 2008, 03:18

I completely uninstalled all TE files and then I was able too install again
crazy of the little yellow ball
crazy of the little yellow ball
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Postby manutoo » 15 Oct 2008, 09:23

@Everybody :
Updated version to Beta 2 (not 1 anymore, in part to avoid to have a too long topic here... :P )

@CC :
>> player striking motion
it'd be way too much work, and it'll be hard to make it work correctly as well.

>> Screenshot
u get no file at all ? or a all white picture ?

>> too low smash
unfortunately, the engine can't predict how far u want to run, so if u place urself incorrectly when running back, u'll get this kind of shot ; the smash very likely started while u were still in a place u had to smash to reach the ball.

>> Visual bugs
it seems u have always many troubles to run TE2009... :?
Does it happen with other games as well ?

>> I can't download the game
what was wrong ?

@Brad1981 :
>> Camera
Actually, u'd like to specify a maximum zoom level, not a fixed one, right ?

>> Bugs
got them & fixed them... :)
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