What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

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Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby Guest » 10 Nov 2015, 17:05


I think that some animations between the points with ball boys and also players moving to the right place for next point instead of staying in the same place waitind would be more realistic in Offline mode...

also better graphic quality even if it's not the goal to looks like Virtua Tennis 4...

for all the rest i thinks this game is already GREAT !!!

Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby iopzzza » 15 Nov 2015, 13:57

I may said it before, but is it possible to create an online world tour , where you can play with your friends in a career for 16 seasons just like the offline world tour ? It would be amazing :) Hope you consider it manutoo
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Re: Previsional "Tennis Elbow 4" Planning

Postby pero11 » 15 Nov 2015, 21:53

patolog wrote:"Book of Records , with all sorts of records, like most Grand Slams won(Masters/WTF/Titles overall), most matches won in Slams/overall, weeks at No.1, etc etc.. Record numbers would depend on year when you start your career (so if u start in 2003 for example, Sampras would have 14 Slams already, but Federer none) and would update after each week. Well it would probably take too much time to make, but at least some basic implementation would be nice :D I think it would add some extra motivation when u play WT."

This! It would be awesome if there was some sort of interactive slam chart that was updated after every slam, so you could chase down the best players in history and see where you stand. Updating when the com wins slams too. Imagine this might be difficult though.
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Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby Algo » 24 Nov 2015, 19:24

- Adding a hosting option to make the player's autoposition be set to slow/medium/fast
- Adding a hosting option to make the player's preview aiming only
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Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby extremista90 » 06 Jan 2016, 19:14

Hello, and still no release date for the TE4, no? Cheers
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Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby SilverPersian » 08 Mar 2016, 11:01

It would be good if the WTA players were given the opportunity to play best of 5 set matches in slam events in World Tour mode. You can play best of 1 or 3 sets for the men, and best of 1 set for women, at GS level, so realism isn't being strictly adhered to by the game anyway. Would be a fun option imo :)
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Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby marty2756 » 10 Mar 2016, 01:08

I guess it has been said before... but one thing I still feel its missing... its the real "risk shot", chance to hit really hard with very low consistensy obviosly (not actual acceleration)
Other thing .. I don't know if its done right now in TE2013... but making more easy to very tall players to hit high balls consistently, like Delpo / berdych.. easily takes nadal balls.
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Re: Previsional "Tennis Elbow 4" Planning

Postby IsaacTennisRF » 09 Apr 2016, 03:16

Do you see any other realisitic tennis games being released in the future? and for the current edition of tennis elbow, can you make two separate forehand animations, one stepping in to the ball and one open stance like they all are now? It seems that you can not step into the ball at all.
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Re: Previsional "Tennis Elbow 4" Planning

Postby kevin kous » 17 Apr 2016, 03:20

if i can make a wish for the next tennis elbow , when with the good it come , i hope we can join on tournament of the game and not from the site here .....like if we play a tournament match , we can click the tour from the game and option are allready and we play with the oppenent auto...not playing a single online match and after do it a report.........almost about the game i hope put more styles of forhand backhand, servise ( i hope put backhand almagro and gasquet....
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kevin kous
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Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby awesomesauce » 07 May 2016, 12:51

A minigame mechanic like the one in Virtua Tennis 3 that can help can be "training". If anybody has played VT3, the tennis games were great!
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Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby Jec » 09 May 2016, 18:10

Some/most of these might have been mentioned.. but i believe these are key improvements TE4 MUST have [not mentioned in TE4 planning]

Shot varieties > reverse forehand, half-volley, swing-volley, running behind chasing lobs (now my player always have to back pedal first), angled cross court drop shot of drop shot (ie: djoker fav) etc.
Fancier varieties > not sure if possible, but maybe even leaping volleys, tweener etc? XD
Unpredictability > mis-return of heavy serve for example.. where serve returns pops up high due to miss-hit and not intentional lob
'Smarter' cpu > knows how to guess a put-away shot of opponent, instead of just stupidly waiting in the middle every time
Others > sliding on clay~ maybe even occasionally on hard court,

Also, would be nice if the game is more user-friendly.. modding is still difficult for me and many others, and online gameplay is huge headache with all the port or connection or whatsoever.. despite all the help available out there

Really hope all/most of these will come true!! Thanks manutoo!!
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Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby Dox » 11 Jun 2016, 12:18

Sorry if it's been suggested already. Posted this in wrong thread before.

Players having a rating or performance boost on certain surfaces. Such as Nadal is on clay, Federer on grass, or someone like Tomas Muster did back in the day.

Give us the ability to add it to our CPU/created opponents. Maybe also make it an option to train as or adaptable as you go thru your career with a new created player. Also having the surfaces have more impact on how points are played. Still new in a way to TE13 so not sure if this is already in that game. Played at clay at Vina Del Mar(Clay) recently and didn't think I noticed anything.
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Re: Previsional "Tennis Elbow 4" Planning

Postby BabyManuu » 15 Jun 2016, 08:19

Hi Daddy, may I give you some recommendation for your new game? I'd like to have more fun in game and potentially a ferrari, so please listen to me.

The main focus for TE4 should be the footwork: better animations and more variation in the legs' speed (we need to explicitly see the little foot step to adjust your shot... as we do in real life ; alternatively, bigger steps at the net or in acceleration).
This will have multiple impact and objectives in terms of gameplay and marketing: solve the embarassing "soap" feeling of the movement, decrease rally length/backboarding and make the game more appealing/realistic overall.

Gameplay: with better legs/chest animations, players will have more visual informations to manage what is now the "elite controls".
Nowadays the elite control is just a random generator of unforced errors due to this lack of visual informations. It exclusively promotes and rewards passive strategy, players who are just waiting for the opponent to generate a fault. Totally boring despite its potential.
With more visual informations, you'd be more responsible of your UE, hence less frustration and more pleasure for the players.

Marketing: if you make the gameplay more complex, you create even more barriers to entry for the consumers, that's not good for your retention rate and acquisition. But in video, it will look way better: you will definitely enlarge your target audience with such an improvement. With this you may also be able to develop the e-sport aspect of your game.

Cost: Dungeon Dragons will finally become a useful project. The huge money you made with it can be reinvested in Motion Capture or in a team of specialists able to produce great animations. This cost will turn profitable in the long run: you may finally be able to generate an e-sport interest around your game and attract a massive community, sponsors etc.

ps: People don't really need awesome graphics/arts, they need a great UI (menu) to know how to launch a game/play multiplayer/change settings and great animations in-game because it impacts the way you play the game, the feeling, the tactical options. It gives more depth to the game: that's partly why ITST is popular I guess.

For the graphics update part of your game, check what the developer of Mount and Blade did with Mount and Blade: Warband for reference, it's largely sufficient as an update. Never forget that one of the best feature of your game is actually not a feature: it's the ability to play it on a ridiculously low config.

Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby Sorana » 20 Jun 2016, 00:07

What about the possibility of adding bandages and stuff like that on player's body? I think it would be nice
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Re: What do you think TE4 should change/have/improve?

Postby sky_high777 » 08 Jul 2016, 00:05

Just a suggestion for more online options.

-online players lobby
-ability to click on a players profile in the lobby and see their last 20 matches or match history (and feedback) in game or out of game. so opponent/score/surface/player chosen/elo/match time - it could also list most played pro on their profile
-elo records/rankings by surface
-after the match recommend for people to give quick match feedback (like a pop up good/bad/neutral), i forget to give feedback most times as it is
-online rankings list & records
-better scoreboard tracker display that auto refreshes every 15/30 seconds/min/2 mins
-auto refresh list & ping every 3/5/10 seconds option
-totally optional on this but an in game scoreboard update

Just some things I would really like to see that would make it more enjoyable and continue to improve this great game.
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