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Tennis Elbow 2009 Suggestions

Postby Guest » 05 Jul 2007, 07:34

TE 2006 is very good, but I can already see some possible improvements to the game.

Some include:
-Better graphics/colors (the uniforms look very pastel-like)
-Realistic foot movement (human & CPU)
-Footwork/speed could be part of the character sheet, making game more varied
-Better looking players, in general? (I mean, who wears short shorts anymore?)
-Addition of two-handed backhand as well as one-hand
-Addition of slice

Does anyone else see any other possible improvements?

Postby hitpulse » 05 Jul 2007, 08:00

nice topic.

i got some

1) an option to use a kick serve/american twist
2) add half-volleys
3) add hawk-eye to the game and allow challenges
4) for match point of championships, can you make the notification "championship point"?
5) add muscles? it would be cool to see nadal have his muscles

also: sometimes in the game there are moves that are physically impossible. like blocking a drive volley with a overhead lob. or, being able to volley perfectly when the ball is coming directly at you.

Postby Crooklyn Clan » 05 Jul 2007, 13:48

higher view screen...when someone servers in angle it is hard to see the ball
Crooklyn Clan
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tennis fan
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Postby abceded » 23 Jul 2007, 21:24

making it free and Jamie murray in doubles

Postby Guest » 24 Jul 2007, 01:29

Sometimes, when you are hitting, you miss the ball even though it is right in front of you. Has anyone else had this happen? When the ball seems to go through your player?

I would like that fixed, if possible

Postby Guest » 24 Jul 2007, 01:38

make drop shots harder to hit

Postby TomPaulman » 13 Aug 2007, 00:30

More umpires! It gets old to hear the same voice over and over again. At least 3 different voices and it would be nice if every voice had at least 2 ways to say every possible score (15-0, 15-15 etc)

Postby Guest » 26 Aug 2007, 11:19

Can we make baseline winners easier? Now even in the grass it is so difficult .

How can we make out-side-in, it is to say, how can we change return direction more quickly?

Postby Guest » 26 Aug 2007, 11:24

make drop shot harder to defence(especially when the defender is on the volley, in fact we should not able to defence)

The errors shouldn't always be "OUT"

The errors shouldn't all count to the "unforced errors"

Postby TomPaulman » 07 Sep 2007, 20:00

some of my suggestions:

- adding a dropshot skill - this came to my mind when playing my very first tournament - i had bad shots like forehand or backhand, but always could do a dropshot without problems, even if my opponent hit a smah i could have returned it with a dropshot. So like they're "service", "smash", "backhand" skills, there should be a dropshot skill.

- also if player keeps losing, his form should decline and he could gain some "form" points back as soon as he wins a match. The more matches he wins, the better form. If a player is so bad then he can't win a match, it's time for him to rebuild his career in challengers and futures

- smashes shouldn't be returnable so easily

- computer should be better when hitting dropshot at the net, he makes error in more than 50 % of cases now. Also the comp never does stopvolleys which are pretty effective way to end a rally. (I mean, when I'm at the net and hit a drop shot return while my opponent stands behind the baseline)

- more player types the two that can be chosen now, also more (and possibly optional) types of service

- more umpires (as I already mentioned), a women's voice could be nice ;)

- some players could be moaning when hitting a power shot (like Nadal does), but this is a extra feature that I will surely live without

- the players should be "live", now they're more like robots - they could i.e. pump a fist when breaking, throw their hands up when they win a match, throw a racquet (sometimes) when they hit a silly error etc. That could be a lot funnier than now :D

- also the audience should be live! clapping when a player faces a breakpoint, doing that "ooooooooooh" sound when he misses an easy shot etc.

Postby Guest » 10 Sep 2007, 14:36

TomPaulman wrote:- also if player keeps losing, his form should decline and he could gain some "form" points back as soon as he wins a match. The more matches he wins, the better form. If a player is so bad then he can't win a match, it's time for him to rebuild his career in challengers and futures

Oops, didn't realize that this already exists, my bad, sorry :)

Postby Guest » 11 Sep 2007, 15:27

maybe some injuries? game is boring without injuries

Postby guest » 15 Sep 2007, 21:58

For the online players......make the dropshot a little harder to get to. Ive been playing baseliners who go all the way back to the you throw in a drop shot........and it seems they have all the time in the world to get to it.......and hit a winner. When a drop shot is effective it keeps the other player a little more tentative about staying all the way back. Part of the fun of playing online is to figure out how to "counteract" the other players game. Its frustrating to hit a dropper after a 15 stroke rally........just to have them easily run up and smash it past you. Just my 2 cents :)

Postby needham93 » 16 Sep 2007, 13:58

i think that when a drop shot is made it should be a lot harder to return because when a player gets there he is able to shash the ball to eithe side

i also think that u should be able to jumnp when you get lobbed to make it more realistic , it shouldn't make him go any higher because it would be too hard to lob people but it should be able to jump

i also think that the person should wear different clothes for example pick a sponsor eg nike and the be say 3 diff kits and addidas ect.
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Postby Guest » 17 Sep 2007, 01:24

Another possibility.....and I know Im going to catch hell for this one. What is this deal where the person receiving a serve can go all the way back to the wall . This does not happen in reality. ............. Nor does being able to go to the other side of the court to serve. Maybe a few steps in either direction........but all the way over ???? Unless you are playing in "free" mode have no chance at serving with any confidence. The last person online I played served from all the way on the other side on the court the whole match........and I guess its fair if they can do it.......but it just makes you want to retire early. I know this is only an online computer game........but the two things mentioned above dont exist in real life why should they here???


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