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Track record

Postby bjofro » 09 Oct 2010, 16:07

Hi Manatoo,

1) Is it possible to save the result of online matches like in the World Tour. Just to see how you've done previously against that player?

2) Can ther be an option to set so that I myself decides when I want to hit the ball, that is to have no "computer involvement". As it is now if I do nothing and I am within range then the computer will hit for me. I think it would be more realistic.

Best regards,
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Re: Track record

Postby manutoo » 01 Nov 2010, 07:28


sorry for answering just now, I think I missed your message...

1) No, but almost yes : if you turn on the match recording, you'll get all the matches (including vs CPU) with date, time, name of players & score recorded in "Profiles\Demos" (read more here : topic29-2061.php )

2) No, because quite often, you have to position yourself while your strike motion already started ; so in such case, forcing you to press a button for starting the strike motion would mean to make you lose time on your positioning
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