WISH LIST for next Update

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WISH LIST for next Update

Postby jesp8000 » 16 Sep 2009, 01:27

Hi Manutoo, first of all thanks for having such a wonderful game. For the upcoming updates, the following are my wish list. They are mostly not related to gameplay technicalities.
1. As you have told me, the ability to adjust shadows.
2. Possiblilty to do some "Hops" for those who loves going to the net. Its wonderful to see this kind of animation.
3. Please adjust the formation of womens legs. Knees should be a bit inward, just a bit. In my opinion, it seems the present formation of their knees are for men.
4. The possibility to relocate Match Time and Service Speed displays for those who loves customization.
5. "Grunting"? Why not. In fact its happening in real life tennis.
6. Since the game gears to an Open Engine category, is it possible to have complete documentation for this? The present mod documentation is not complete.
7. There's still tendency for players to slide on court especially during preparation for service, if we are going to change from one point to a certain point, the player slides. It would be perfect if this will be corrected.
8. During court customization, the ball boundaries are too small, if the court sides are quite far, the ball bounces on air. I understand that the court is 2D and collision detection on this is not possible, if we can adjust the boundaries of ball ourselves, then its great. I know that theres problem here because the court is 2D and fixing the ball boundaries too far will be problem in some cases too.
Thanks in advance.
crazy of the little yellow ball
crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: WISH LIST for next Update

Postby TTennisfan » 16 Sep 2009, 02:24

Record 09(singles): 28-15 Record 09(doubles): 1-2
Best result (09) :
S.F: Newport,

Record 2008: 44-13
Best result (08):
F:Rome, Roland Garros, Bangkok, Vienna, Madrid, Shanghai
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