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Re: Tennis Elbow 2009 1.0

Postby Leena » 02 Mar 2009, 22:48

This is on hardcourt and carpet. Clay is another story, I try avoiding it altogether...

I've found a happy medium with CPU speed in the low Pro sublevels, but the CPU still hits too weak and inconsistent there for my liking. If I'm against anyone with low topspin, even Serena, they hit short junk that I can attack every point. Sorry to go on about this, I'm the type that craves for perfect sliders. :)

Just wondering, what's your topspin at? That could be affecting a few things.

Topspin is something that I think needs fixing, at least on the women's side. With low topspin accelerations, the ball does travel through the air faster, but after the bounce it loses too much speed, even on carpet and grass. To compound that, the CPU makes many more errors on high bouncing balls, and rarely on balls near the ground. Thus, there's no reason to not use 100% topspin with the ladies.
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: Tennis Elbow 2009 1.0

Postby btaylor » 03 Mar 2009, 06:40

Yeah Brad, I'm not quite understanding what gives with setting certain CPU skills at "0%". :scratch: For instance, I set the CPU's lob percentage down a little at a time 'til it was at 0, because he kept hitting almost PERFECT lobs each time I approached the net on a good approach shot. I did this hoping it would cause him to hit the lobs a little bit shorter at least SOME of the time so I could get in decent position to hit a good smash, but for the most part it doesn't seem to have much effect on the outcome; the lobs are STILL too deep... :? As for the side-to-side speed of the CPU, like I said, I don't mind so much dealing with his speed during groundstroke rallies, but when you are at the net there should be some drop off in his ability to race back and forth endlessly, tracking down virtually EVERY volley that you hit with the SAME speed that he exhibits in the grounndstroke rallies. From a geometrical viewpoint, when you are at the net volleying from sideline to sideline with PACE, you SHOULD have court geometry on your side, since the whole point of being up there in the first place is to use the angles to your advantage...
When you are at net as opposed to the baseline, the volleys are generally flatter and crisper with more pace and angle (if struck in the sweetspot) and just a touch of underspin for control which SHOULD work to the volleyer's advantage...
When rallying from the baseline the opponent has more time to track down even sharply angled balls because of the topspin or slice actually SLOWING down the flight of the ball...
I've learned somewhat over time to keep my eye on the sneaky CPU even after I hit what SHOULD in reality be a put-away volley because all too often he makes some super-magical-unrealistic get that often causes you to hit ONE MORE volley, often times hitting it in the net or hitting it long... :evil:

I find that even at the "Pro" level 5 and above that this is the case with the CPU's speed when you're at the net...
As it is now, if you edit his footspeed down to get a more realistic experience when volleying, then he's WAY too slow during the rallies...
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: Tennis Elbow 2009 1.0

Postby sharpmath » 04 Jun 2012, 10:13

sharpmath wrote:Ok.

This may sound like the dumbest quibble/idea ever, BUT...

In a SNES Game "Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour" (which by the way was the first tennis game I loved SOO much), when Wimbledon came around, they made ALL THE PLAYERS wear white. And, early Agassi notwithstanding, people wear white at Wimbledon!

So. Is it possible to code all players to wear white at Wimbledon? I mean. I make MY players wear all white. But whatever. :)

And it rained during Wimbledon.

And I'd like a different court view for the majors.

But. If you never implement anything I ask for, this is the best tennis game I have ever played. I just turned a few friends onto it and they love it as much as I do.

So.If it's possible. Think about my dumb requests. But if it isn't, then I don't care, I will buy all versions you put out!

hey. wow. who knew you would be so awesome as to do this. thanks so much.

i say this here because im totally fine playing game on keyboard. but when i play on 360 controller i can NEVER place a shot. is that just me? doesnt matter. i love game on keyboard. just had an epic battle in the french with costa. best tennis game ever. and now youve done white/grey wilmbledon. thanks so much :D
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tennis fan
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Re: Tennis Elbow 2009 1.0

Postby manutoo » 05 Jun 2012, 03:27

Xbox controller is too sensible to use the up/down to select strike ; you should remap all the strikes to different buttons, so it'll be easier to play with it.

PS: yup, it looks like I listen to people suggestions sometimes... ;)
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