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Re: char****.txt files for Player Pictures

Postby Maxy » 29 Sep 2011, 17:26

I can't do this, maybe if you have MSN, yahoo, skype, facebook? We can speak there better. ;)
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Re: char****.txt files for Player Pictures

Postby Lord D » 04 Feb 2013, 17:32

Had this problem and resolved it, like posted before you will need a mask file (mine is charXXXX_mask.jpg) with the image file (charXXXX.jpg), if you don't have the talents to cut out (like I don't) and are just using pictures the process for the mask is as follows:

1: Copy the image file and paste to same folder
2: Rename copied file to charXXXX_mask.jpg where the XXXX is the char number you are using... It has to be 4 numbers long so 1 would be 0001, 10 would be 0010, 100 would be 0100 and 1000 would be 1000 and everything in between would follow the same rules)
3: Right click and chose edit (should open paint)
4: Use the select box to select the whole image
5: Press delete (should become all white, if not make it all white)
6: Save the file
7: Open TEM

You will then just need to re-size and position with the charXXXX.txt file

example (from my Serena Williams):

NbSprite: 1
InfoSup: 1

Spr 0
RealSize 180 215
HotSpot 35 20


You only need to change the bold areas

RealSize = the size of the image (180 = width, 215 = height)
HotSpot = the position of the image (same things as before but a minus attribute will move it left or up and positive attribute will move it right or down

Hope this helps anybody having the problem
Lord D


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