Madrid Doubles - Official

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Madrid Doubles - Official

Postby Sampreas » 06 May 2017, 09:39

Draw: OT_ViewTournament.php?Trn=1438

FAQ & Rules: topic13-4767.php

Good Luck !

Make it easier for mods and yourself, follow this:
1. As a way of cummunication with opponents use forum topics and Skype; If both of players agree you can use some other way of communication like Facebook, Viber etc.
2. Inform mods about your matches, send pictures and all other evidences.
3. If you're banned don't queue yourself on tournaments (this leads to ban).
4. Stay fair during the match.
5. Don't insult others.
6. If you played reserve and lost it be ready to play an official match.
7. Respect deadlines.
8. If you're new at tour speak to some of mods to help you out.
9. Read rules (it's not just enough to read, you have to follow rules).
10. Play the match with your name from forum.
11. For any other problems speak to mod (bad connection, fake results...etc).
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