Bug #531 (no mods)

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Bug #531 (no mods)

Postby princeofpersia » 17 Dec 2020, 03:29

Hello. I am playing TE 2013 without using any mods. Everything was working fine in the World Tour until Week 14, first match in the Davis Cup. The game crashes and I receive error message Bug #531.

Looking at the latest system.log file, there are 2 warnings:
Warning: can't find Item 'CourtBg129' for ImageGI in Item 'CourtBg01'
Warning: can't find Item 'Court128' for ImageGI in Item 'Court01'

I also saw in the system.log file earlier when I was finding ways to fix the problem, similar warnings but slightly different:
Warning: can't find Item 'CourtBg00' for ImageGI in Item 'CourtBg01'
Warning: can't find Item 'Court00' for ImageGI in Item 'Court01'

Additionally, there are 2 more warnings:
Warning: can't find file 'Data\CustomCourt119\CourtTex', with all kind of known extensions
Warning: can't find shader & texture 'CourtTex/CustomCourt119/CourtTex'

I spend 3+ hours searching through the posts on this forum trying to find a solution. I tried some recommendations (including for those who are using mods and facing the same error), but without any success. Examples: Post 1 Post 2

The System.log + Tennis.ini files I've attached below. My saved games (Profiles folder) on Mediafire

Once again to make it very clear, I am not playing with any mods, this is the original version of the game. Thank you for your assistance.
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Re: Bug #531 (no mods)

Postby manutoo » 17 Dec 2020, 07:10


your log says ".Pak files are Modded" (it could be a bug, though), and that your version is 3 years old.

So 1st, update to the latest version. (also buy the game, please)
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