Doha (Applications)

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Doha (Applications)

Postby Sampreas » 24 Dec 2014, 16:16


The applications for Doha are now open, go here OnlineTournaments.php to register.
(This link is also located in the "Online Tennis Tournaments" subforum, where you'll click on "Tournament List" - the 1st link)

Surface: Blue-Green Cement
Draw Size: 28(S), 16(D)
Number of sets: Best of 3
Mode: Realistic (Elite)
Minimum Delay: 117ms

HowTo&Rules - click topic13-4767.php for an explanation.
All new players must add the moderators. If you haven't done so, click here topic13-4767.php#p68753 for more information.

The winner will receive 250 points.
The draws will be created on Friday 2nd January
Good luck and have fun.

Players who can't queue because of 15 small tournaments played have to contact me by skype.
Tour Mod
All Tour issues by skype and PM.
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