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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians - Enhanced Edition v1.0j

Postby manutoo » 25 Feb 2018, 11:37


The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians - Enhanced Edition v1.0j is released (Build 61-2018.02.13) :

New Features :
- Engine : updated to Unity 5.6.4p4
- GUI : added "Critical Chance" in the tooltip of the damage numbers (when there's a Critical roll)
- GUI : when you don't have any selected target, you can see all enemy frames in cell on front of your Party by adding this line in Dungeon.ini, under [Gui] :
Code: Select all
ShowAllEnemy = 1

- Inventory : added a warning the 1st time your inventory gets overweight
- AI : now Evil Watchers, Chaos Watchers & a couple other enemies have homing projectiles, which means you can't actively dodge them anymore ; this will make more clear that the Evil Watchers are there to test your healing capability (and your aggro rotation in harder difficulty levels) and not your dodging reflexes, and thus you'll be more ready for the tough Bosses

Changes :
- Talent : raised Necromancer Last Breath Haste bonus from 2 to 4%
- Talents : Necromancer's Angry Spirit now also raises Hit Chance by 3/6/9%
- Talent : raised by 20% the bonus of Ranger's Focused Hunting
- Talents : Necromancer's Talent Shadow Army tuned down to 10/20% damage reduction over 9s from 15/30% over 8s.
- Talent : Druid's Dance of Star heals over 12s instead of 8s
- Abilities : now taunts abilities can't miss
- Ability : Threat Transfer abilities now work in all situations like their tooltip says
- Abilities : stacked DoT abilities without final effect now last a bit after their last tick if it's needed to reach their total time, so it gives more time to add stacks
- Abilities : revamped Man At Arms' Warcry as stacking 3 of them was way too powerful ; so it has been nerfed to 25s duration with a 2-min CD from 45s/3-min (as a side effect, this also makes the talent Drums of Doom a bit more interesting), and switched Deadly Assault with Overwhelming Blow in the Execution Talent and in the Ability list, so it won't become OP when used during Warcry
- Combat : Buffed a bit the Hit & Expertise enchantments, and slightly raised the difficulty to compensate
- Combat : raised a bit the difficulty in the last third of the game, so it'll be closer to the beginning of the game instead of getting a bit easier
- Localization : Italian translation fixed & enhanced
- Localization : changed 2 attribute names in Spanish to make them more understandable
- Localization : added a couple missing sentences in German
- Localization : French proof-read by Alexandre "All_zebest" Mangin
- Fx : projectiles don't go through walls anymore
- Boss : Increased Dark Decay Damage for difficulties above Strategist
- Boss : Raised damage of Boss 6's Light Avatar's Sniper Arrow by ~200% and Shadow Avatar's Rain of Arrow by 15%
- Boss : Raised damage of Boss 10's Sniper Arrow by ~33%
- Boss : tuned a bit the Boss # so it'll be a bit harder to just out dps her
- Boss : raised melee damage all of the Bosses by ~10-15%, as since the 3-Level fix of Build 59 on last November, they were not strong enough (because their hit-table was actually calculated with their opponent Level instead of their own Level minus 3, which is fixed now)
- Boss : Seriously buffed damage of Boss 18, and a bit of Bosses 14 & 15
- Boss : Final Boss damage significantly raised and raised a bit damage of Boss 16
- Class : lowered global damage of the Rogue by 5% to compensate the extra damage produced by the bug fixed below
- Enemies : Skeletons have now 0% resistance against Holy instead of 5% (which is hidden from the GUI), and the Skeleton Footman and Warlord have now some armor
- GUI : the red/purple/pink outline is now a bit more visible
- GUI : 4-sword mouse over tool is now rotating even when the game is paused
- GUI : the little Purple ball on character portraits is now shown before hit while casting (this shows when the hit occurs during the cast)

Bug fixes :
- Combat : a couple of projectile based abilities were doing physical damage instead of magical damage
- Controls : Mouselook could jump a bit around when used during pause
- Controls : right-clicking the abilities (to dequeue them) with the game paused could make the camera jumps a bit
- Ability : Duelist's Sweeping Blow was applying full damage to the enemies surrounding its main target, instead of half-damage like specified in its tooltip
- Abilities : healing & damage of respectively Necro's Soul Sucking and Eat my Flesh weren't scaling up when their damage & healing were hitting critically
- Ability : Protector's Rage Yell wasn't giving extra damage
- Abilities : fixed a couple of damage tooltips showing internal code for abilities triggered by talents
- Abilities : reflected damage was usually lowering the original damage instead of letting it unmodified
- Abilities : Most enemy Bow attacks were doing physical damage instead of arcane damage
- Combat : Dual Wielding Weapons were inverted between the main-hand attacks & the off-hand attacks
- Combat : all Area of Effect (AoE) abilities were using Spell Critical Damage multiplier, even for Melee & Ranged abilities
- Combat : fixed a queue issue that could arise when your members' target was dying and you were not assigning instantly a new target
- Combat : DoT not affected by Haste weren't doing any damage on their last tick
- Combat : Auto-attack CD is now shortened by Haste, so if a Character is only auto-attacking, he won't pause anymore between 2 auto-attacks when having Haste
- Combat : Talents triggering only on Direct Hit and not DoT weren't working
- Combat : enemy sub-abilities were crashing (bug introduced in SubBuild 2017.11.5)
- Combat : queue wasn't emptied when knocked down and thus it was restored when waking up
- Combat : queue mixing friendly & attack spells wasn't correctly transferred to a new target on current target death
- Talent : Necromancer's Angry Spirit was also raising shadow based healing abilities, instead of only the damaging abilities
- Talent : Man At Arm's Lust for Blood wasn't working
- Talent : changed Arcanist's Arcane Fusion triggering chance from 50/60/70 to 40/70/100 and raised its damage by 8%
- Talent : refunded a talent point from a talent having several different effects could still get a part of its associated bonus applied once clicked on "Done"
- Talents : DOT weren't getting most generic bonuses on damage/healing, critical chance & critical damage (eg: +2% fire damage) ; they were getting specific bonuses though (eg: +10% damage for a designated ability)
- Talents : fixed a bunch of talents triggering when getting hit and that were triggering on DoT since yesterday patch, while they shouldn't
- Talents : talents boosting total HP & Mana could create inconsistent results when removing & re-equipping gear
- Talent : Man At Arms' One-Hand Specialization was also increasing 2H-weapon damage
- Talents : Bonuses on DoT Critical Chance weren't applied (only base Chance could be activated)
- Talents : abilities called by talents were always using Spell Critical Multiplier for their Critical Strikes, even if the abilities were melee or ranged
- Talents : Threat Reduction & Augmentation Talents weren't working (Paladin's Threat Reduction Ability was working though)
- Talents : Paladin's heal on crit talent was disrupting the functioning of AoE abilities when they were getting critical strikes
- Talents : critical chance bonuses on DoT were applied twice
- Talent : Arcanist's Arcane Fusion was triggering on Arcane Rupture Tick instead of only when it was cast
- Talent : Elementalist's Mana Refund wasn't working for Ice Blast when Flash Freezing was activated
- Rendering : Dps Graph Lines don't disappear anymore on window resizing
- GUI : fixed a little discrepancy that could happen between actual HP & Mana maximum and the HP & Mana bonuses reported in the Character Sheet
- GUI : fixed height of popping damage numbers against some enemies
- Boss : Bosses were always seen as 3 Levels under your Party Members instead of 3 Levels above for your attacks (except for Direct Hit Spells), and of their designated level for their own attacks ; I fixed that and did a big retuning of the Boss fights, see here for more info or if you notice too big changes in the Boss strength => ... 169413783/
- Boss : damage mitigation against and for Boss was done with the Boss Level instead of the Party Member +/- 3 Levels
- Localization : fixed a couple of typos in English
- Fx : Level Boss particle effects was making the whole screen black and killed the framerate for a few seconds
- Options : Low Enemy Density could lead to a little XP issue with NPCs
- AI : enemies were not aiming correctly if your Party was moving when they were firing projectiles

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic41-28553.php
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Re: The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians - Enhanced Edition v1.

Postby manutoo » 31 May 2018, 09:48

Build 62 - SubBuild 2018.04.19 :

New Features :
- GUI : can hide the HP & Manu bar values or show them as a percentage in addition to showing the numerical values

Changes :
- Abilities : Protector's Devastate threat raised by 66%
- Abilities : Mana cost of Druid's Dance of Gaia and Rain of Life raised by 10%, and now Druid's Dispel & Tree Form cost mana
- Talents : Druid's Nature Gives Back chances raised to 5% from 1% and mana restored raised to 2% from 1% Total Mana

Bug Fixes :
- Boss : fixed a couple of issues with abilities when fighting the final Boss
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Re: The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians - Enhanced Edition v1.

Postby manutoo » 30 Jul 2018, 20:08

SubBuild 2018.07.12 :

New Features :
- AI : it's now possible to jump on mobs below you (instead of being blocked) ; they'll run away if they can, else they'll be crushed

Changes :
- Abilities : lowered Man At Arms' Lucky Strike CD from 3 min to 1 min 45 seconds and its critical bonus from 25% to 20%
- Talents : Necromancer's One Foot in Both Worlds damage reduction raised from 10% to 30%
- Talents : Man At Arms' Good Patient extra received healing raised from 12% to 25%
- Boss : Level 12 Boss' HP raised and field rotation shortened so you'll have to move the Boss at least once or twice before the end of the fight in most difficulty levels
- Mob : Troll Regeneration strength raised by 400% so it'll be actually noticeable
- Localization : changed a couple of sentences in English, French & Italian translations

Bug Fixes :
- GUI : CD display could wrongly disappear when the Auto-Attack CD was ending right after the previous GCD
- AI : mobs weren't running away when you were falling on them when a plate was opening
- AI : Mobs could fall through elevated stairs, leading to strange issues, including a suicide jump
- Dungeon : Teleporters disabled on game start & loading were still teleporting items
- Animation : fixed strange looking anims for Cyclop's whirl & Orc Brute's Thrust
- Localization : French translation had lost its special characters >_<
- Localization : fixed a few typos in the French translation
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