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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians - Enhanced Edition v1.0i

Postby manutoo » 06 Sep 2017, 16:39


The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians - Enhanced Edition v1.0i is released (Build 55-2017.09.06) :

New Features :
- Helpers : added a Mini-Map so people with very low sense of direction will have a nicer time in the dungeon :-) (enable it in Game Options -> Helpers)
- Characters : you can now change the name of your characters by clicking on their name at top of their Character Sheet
- Map : can click on the connection to another Level to show that other Level
- GUI : Customization (F10 Key by default) lets you now handle independently each Toon's ability bar
- GUI : mousing over an enemy portrait shows their tooltip
- Macro : added macro support (activate it in Options -> Interface) ; you can use Modifier 1 & 2 to access more Macro slots ; press Modifier 3 to replace the queue instead of adding the macro to it
- Interface : possibility to define the max queue size
- Interface : Max Queue Size can now be changed from the Interface menu
- Interface : the Yellow & Orange outline on the character portraits are now shown only partially, depending of the current threat level ; invisible at 75%, 50% drawn at 87%, and fully drawn at 100% ; this allows color blind people to perceive the near-aggro threat level, but also allows everybody to know more accurately what is the current threat level of the character without checking the enemy tooltip ; moreover, when the outline is fully drawn but still orange, you know that character will get aggro on the next enemy attack
- Controls : added Key Binds for Macros and to clear each Party Member Queue
- Animation : enemies don't attack anymore exactly at the same time at start of the fight
- New Game Option screen : added 2 default buttons, 1 "Hardcore" & 1 "Modern", to help differentiate what are the options purpose ("Modern" means "Casual, but I tried to be considerate of your feelings" ':D )
- Party Creation : added a tooltip describing the race, class, specialization, supported weapons & armors when selecting a character ; also added a section to describe (almost) all you need to know during the Party creation here => ... ing/#party
- Party Creation : added the skills & their tooltips in the Race selection screen, so it'll be easier to understand the different bonuses and handicaps
- Render : now the camera position and rotation are smoothed when the rendering framerate is faster than 60 frames per second
- Controls : added an option to smooth raw mouse input when doing a mouselook (in Options -> Controls) ; it's useful when playing with a high framerate and a low dpi mouse
- Sound : added fire sound to the standing braziers
- Sound : oil lamps now produce a little sound
- Sound : new walking sound for spiders
- Modding : added Permanent CastMode which allows to have permanent spell effects
- Localization : Japanese Translation by onigirin

Changes :
- Ability : Necromancer's Raise From the Dead can't be cast on himself anymore to avoid an exploit with From Death Comes Life
- GUI : global GUI scaling changed so texts will be more clear when playing with a resolution height from 600 to 767 pixels (especially when scaling up GUI elements within Options -> Interface)
- GUI : new Selection Toggle icon so now it should be easier to notice if all our team members are currently selected or not
- GUI : changed a bit the Interrupted cast bar, so it'll be more clear the interruption was successful
- Party Creation : need to click on "Done" after have selected the character voice (which allows to know the creation is over and go back before validating the new character :) )
- Sound : if using an item when paused, the associated sound is now be played right away, instead of once the game is resumed
- Difficulty : lowered a bit the HP of enemies in Stroller & Explorer difficulty levels
- Rendering : the Fullscreen Window doesn't minimize anymore when you switch to another application
- Environment : roots changed a bit
- Localization : Italian Translation re-checked & enhanced

Bug fixes :
- Loot : Paladin's Alternate Weapons weren't spawning because he can't hold any off-hand weapon, so now it'll be replaced by shields
- Talent : Paladin's Crusader Assault's Spiritual Shock was regularly leading to strange bugs
- Music : ambient track was not restarted if you went to the Main Menu from the In-Game menu and then clicked on the "Resume" button
- GUI : Customization (F10 Key by default) didn't let you move the GUI elements outside a 4:3 screen ratio (ie: on wide left or right)
- GUI : when the interface was zoomed, a very big tooltip could get out of the screen
- Interface : couldn't right-click a character after had paused & mouse-looked
- Interface : couldn't remove from queue an ability after had paused & mouse-looked
- Controls : Key Bind menu was crashing if there was some unknown keys on your keyboard and you had assigned one
- Controls : Macros could crash during final boss fight
- Controls : when using mouse-walk (ie: pressing both mouse button), the dialogues were skipping their 1st sentence
- Boss : Level 19 Boss was too easy when Low Enemy Density was turned on
- Animation : Level 2 Boss walking animation fixed
- Modding : modded sounds weren't playing on their 1st use
- Rendering : on a lift or when falling down, the levels under the current level could be not drawn
- Localization : fixed a couple of typos in the French

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic41-27582.php
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