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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0g

Postby manutoo » 15 Mar 2017, 17:16


The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0g is released (Build 49-2017.03.15) :

New Features :
- Dungeon : added "Low Enemy Density" option which removes about half of the Common enemies, but not the Elites nor the Bosses ; enable this option if you think there's too much combat ; loot and XP will be automatically adjusted so the game plays the same
- Helpers / GUI : the length of the Long CD is now configurable (default is 60 seconds), within Options -> Game Options -> Helpers
- GUI : moving the cursor over the damage & healing numbers now shows who did those and with what ability
- GUI : you can now move and scale most GUI elements ; This is especially useful for the Dps History Graph which can get a bit in the way ; HowTo => ... /#toosmall
- Updated engine to Unity 5.3.7p3 (hopefully, it shouldn't change anything ;-) )
- Treasure Hunt : added additional rewards for completing the hunt => all the missing 2nd maps, except the final level 2nd map
- Modding : it's now possible to change the Quality of the dropped loot for each enemy genus by adding & editing these lines in "Ini/BaseSys.ini" under [Bases] :
Code: Select all
LootQualityCommon   =   Superior
LootQualityElite   =   Rare
LootQualityBoss   =   Rare

- Modding : it's now possible to change the Global Cooldown for our Party Members by adding & editing this line in "Ini/BaseSys.ini" under [Bases] :
Code: Select all
GCD      =   6

- Modding : it's now possible to add abilities whose Mobs are immune to, by adding "Immune" and/or "ImmuneFm" (for Families) entries for each Mob section in "Ini/Mobs.ini" ; eg:
Code: Select all
Immune   =   Rend, Bleeding
ImmuneFm=   Bleed

- Modding : added "Haste" variable for abilities

Changes :
- Ability : Assassin's Thousand of Knives' Damage raised by 35%
- Localization : added Russian Localization, thanks to DragonZH, ntr73, 0wn3df1x & makc_ar !
- GUI : the description for DOT/HOT with special variables now uses the variables of the DOT/HOT instead of the current variables of the Owner (eg: Recovery in Blood length in the description was shown according to the Character's current Streak Points instead of the actual effect Streak Points)
- AI : the mobs won't pass through fake walls anymore (except to follow you while fighting)
- Mob : changed Skeleton Footman's weapon to a spiky warhammer and gave him Rip ability
- Mob : increased Skeleton Warlord's hp by 15%
- Boss : Raised Level 6 Boss Shadow Avatar's Rain Damage by 10%
- Loot : slightly lowered Haste enchantments and slightly raised Critical enchantments, else Haste was almost always a better choice than Crit
- Difficulty : Stroller & Explorer are now a bit easier
- Modding : it wasn't possible to remove an entry by using the "_Mod.ini" files ; now, it's possible to do it by entering an entry without any value

Bug fixes :
- Intro : skipping the intro was resetting the portrait
- Intro : pressing the mouse button was skipping the intro ; now only pressing Escape will skip it
- Loading a game during the intro of a new game was turning on the Ghost mode
- Configuration : Unity Engine had once more reset the default Video Quality to Fastest ; I put it back to Fantastic (which all gamer 3D cards of the past 5 years should handle easily)
- Animation : Level 4 Boss base attack was animated only once every 2 attacks
- Loot : Items weren't highlighted when turning around using the mouse look instead of the GUI arrows or keyboard (using the Item Highlighting from Game Options -> Helpers)
- Loot : replaced a misplaced critical vial by a critical potion
- GUI : if you had right-clicked on a Mob just before he'd die, and then released the button after he had died, then the dead mod would be selected, leading to a few visual glitches for a couple of seconds
- Localization : fixed a few typos in French & German languages
- Map : unvisited cells next to fake walls were shown on map
- Combat : fighting from a bridge or fighting a mob who was standing a bridge could lead to the mob unable to attack back
- Dungeon : a column was partly missing in a Boss room
- Dungeon : some light was visible through a floor
- AI : the Level 7 Boss couldn't jump down if you were standing on his way
- Inventory : Weight wasn't subtracted on consumable consumption
- Menus : Helpers Menu is now Wider, and added tooltip with full sentence if the option text is still too big to fit

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic41-26566.php
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