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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0e

Postby manutoo » 17 Sep 2016, 17:21


The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0e is released (Build 46-2016.09.17) :

New Features :
- Gameplay : now the barrels are destructible, can contain loot, and there are a lot more of them !
- Gameplay : added food & drink, to restore HP and mana outside of combat ; this is useful mostly to new players who get wrecked in every fight when learning the game... ;-)
- Menu : added a menu with most important & user-friendly options right before starting a new game
- Puzzles : added a puzzle in the Level 2
- Dungeon : added a couple of secrets in the 1st levels

Changes :
- Party : Inventory size increased to allow to carry all the new food & drink items
- Mobs : added fire, frost, arcane or shadow resistances to some mobs
- Dungeon : added some green braziers in the Level 2, to give visual hints of where we are
- Talent : Duelist's Gone With The Wind now also grants 1 Streak Point

Bug fixes :
- Linux : Text Input on Map Notes could pause the game or move the Party
- Loot : items dropped by mobs could be in another part of the cell their owner were standing in
- Talents : Paladin's Spiritual Shock could lead to crash and its visual FX was always missing
- GUI : damage numbers on Mobs could be wrongly shown as from DOTs (ie: between parenthesis)
- Map Editor : the Level start position was always changed when adding a new cell after loading the dungeon
- Treasure Hunt : could activate one of the steps with any generic item (eg: a rock) instead of only the item specified in the note

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic41-26300.php
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