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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0d

Postby manutoo » 03 Aug 2016, 12:29


The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0d is released (Build 45-2016.08.03) :

New Features :
- Engine : upgraded to Unity 5.3.5p4 (but it shouldn't change anything :) )
- Difficulty : added separate HP & Damage sliders for Elite & Boss enemies if you activate the Custom difficulty plus Advanced Tuning
- Helpers : optional auto-pauses on Global CD recharged and on Party Member's HP under 25%
- GUI : added parenthesis around DOT/HOT numbers and exclamation mark after critical hit numbers
- GUI : shortcut shown in tooltip for global icons
- GUI : list of threatened enemies in each Party Member's Tooltip
- GUI : tooltip about selecting Party Member when hovering over their portrait (might help newcomers to understand faster how party selection works)
- GUI : remaining Damage Absorption for Arcane Lock's Tooltip on its target
- Final Boss Zone : added a few Oblivion Stones that may be helpful for a party without any respec point left
- Final Boss Zone : added a Crossbow and a Dagger in the Final Boss zone so you can respec your Ranger or Assassin there
- Map Editor : it's now possible to turn off automatic change of level for Mobs & Items (in Level tab)
- Map Editor : a good bunch of new assets, changes and bug fixed for a more user friendly creation
- Map Editor : added Burner03_AMP that produces brighter light than the standard one
- Map Editor : Paste Cells now gives you the option to paste only some elements on the cell
- Map Editor : turn left/right keys now turn the camera in Free Look mode
- Map Editor : menu selections are restored after testing the dungeon
- Modding : it's now possible to increase the number of random loots depending of the Genus of the mob (Common / Elite / Boss)

Changes :
- Talent : Arcanist's Arcane Explosion now also increases Critical Chances of Fire, Frost & Shadow damages based Spells by 1/2/3% (you'll have to reset your Talent tree for this effect to work if you already have picked up Arcane Explosion)
- Talent : added "STA based" in Recovery in Blood tooltip
- Talent : added "Arcane" in Etheric Energy tooltip
- Talent : Duelist's Tastier Blood bonus increased to 25% from 15%
- Ability : Arcanist's Total Rupture's CD lowered from 60s to 40s
- GUI : increased a bit the size of the drop zone for the gear slots (it's for people who try to match exactly the gear slot icon and the dragged item icon, but fail ;-) )
- Menu : "Resume" in Main Menu when opened from the in-game menu returns to game instead of loading last saved game
- Dungeon : Level 1 Fireball trap now throws a new kind of fireball which is bigger, allowing to hit the Skeletons in the next room if you lure them in the trap
- Combat : LoS check for Ranged Fire so your Toons will cancel their ability if their target are not in Light of Sight
- Modding : display name of Steam Workshop Error (if any)
- Modding : show warning when trying to use a Preview.jpg bigger than 1MB

Bug fixes :
- Final Boss : the party members didn't have enough Talent Reset points during the Final Boss Battle
- Final Boss : abilities were not re-granted if a Toon had been respec'ed during the adventure
- Treasure Hunt : door in Level 13 could closes if the note was bouncing off a wall
- GUI : Aggro tooltip wasn't refreshed when hovering over a new mob when the game was paused
- GUI : ability queue wasn't cleared when a party member had queued abilities targeting different mobs, and your healer had a healing spell in his queue
- Ability : Paladin's Hammer of Justice wasn't doing Holy Damage despite its tooltip telling so
- Talent : Paladin's Holy Atonement wasn't working
- Talent : Paladin's Gods Are With Us was healing too much (it was based on total damage instead of mitigated damage), and even more if you were wearing a shield with the talent Wrath of the Just
- Map Editor : random ceiling could be wrongly set when its environment wasn't matching the floor
- Map Editor : creating a lever or button without any target was preventing them to make any sound when pressed

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic41-25025.php
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