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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0c

Postby manutoo » 22 Mar 2016, 13:07


The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0c is released (Build 41-2016.03.22) :

New Features :
- Localization : Spanish by Jesús Abel Martínez, aka "Jesugandalf"
- Puzzle : added a puzzle at end of Level 3
- Tuning : a lot of tuning for the Paladin, the Necromancer, and a bit for the Duelist (see below for details)
- Sound : Necromancer's Seal Of Necromancy now produces a specific sound when ending

Changes :
- Localization : fixed a couple of mistakes in French translation
- Localization : auto-selection of language on 1st launch extended to all the 8 languages now available (instead of only EN/FR/DE)
- Talent : Warlock's Dark Wisdom raises Mana by 5/10% instead of 3/6%
- GUI : added support for 5:4 aspect ratio
- GUI : Combat Speed Button now toggles between 100% and last custom value (instead of 50%)
- Loot : More 1H-weapons & less Books for Mages & Healers
- Combat : Dual Wielding Hit Chance raised from 76% to 83%
- Boss : Lowered Boss 's Increased Damage Field from 70% to 60%
- Party : carrying weight slightly raised so it's possible to get a party with 3 plate wearers without too much issue

- Talent : Assassin's NeverEnding Story now grants the Streak point on hit of Swift Knife instead than on throw (it requires to reset your Talent Tree to apply this change)
- Combat : Lowered a bit the overall Assassin's damage to compensate for extra hit ratio

- Ability : Duelist's Lunge Streak damage Bonus raised to 40% from 30%
- Ability : Duelist's Recovery in Blood CD lowered from 120s to 75s
- Talent : Duelist's Sting Like a Bee raises Dodge & Parry by 4% instead of 3%

- Ability : Paladin's Divine Punishment reshaped ; it is now an off-queue ability, with a very high threat (ie: it acts a bit like a taunt, which matches the off-tank role of the paladin)
- Ability : Paladin's Crusader Assault main damage increased by 10% and secondary damage increased by 50%
- Ability : Lowered Mana needed for Paladin's Seal of Contrition, and raised its damage by 10%
- Ability : Paladin's Saintly Sacrifice CD lowered from 120s to 90s, lasts 15s instead of 12s, redirects 25% damage instead of 20%
- Talent : Paladin's No Sacrifice in Vain healing raised by 25%
- Talent : Paladin's Seal of Repentance Additional Critical Chance raised from 3% to 6%
- Talent : Paladin's The Gods Are With Us healing raised from 80% of damage to 150%

- Ability : Necromancer's Seal Of Necromancy lasts 20s instead of 40s, and untalented final healing has been raised by 50% (but Chosen One efficiency lowered so final healing is only 10% higher when fully talented)
- Ability : Necromancer's Last Incantation Healing Over Time lowered by 10%
- Ability : Necromancer's Soul Eater lasts 25% longer and costs a bit less mana
- Talent : Necromancer's Open Buffet raised from +40% to +50% Healing for Eat My Flesh

- Ability : Arcanist's Arcane Lock's CD raised to 30s from 25s
- Talent : Arcanist's Survival of the Fittest raises Arcane Armor length by 15s instead of 10s

Bug fixes :
- Modding : fixed PlateInvisible triggering on game start and added one for the Mines environment
- Dungeon : tried a fix for the rare issue with the urns in the Level 4 and the skull in the Level 18
- Puzzle : fixed Level 4 Urn bug (and similar issues) ; exploded projectile could enter the trigger zone but not exit it, which was messing the triggering of the urns
- Visual Fx : Death Fx particles were sometimes not spawning
- Visual Fx : looping DOT Fx don't spawn anymore on a missed attack
- Sound : Fixed attack sound discrepancy
- Combat : Whole Party Could rez during combat
- Mobs : Spiked Barbarian was pausing a too long time between attacks
- Boss : Level 8 Boss' Hellfire was too damaging
- Boss : Level 8 Boss' Swipe didn't produce any animation
- Ability : Duelist's Recovery in Blood was consuming all Streak Points on each tick instead of only at start
- Dungeon : a bug could lead you to be stuck in the puzzle room of the Level
- Menu : SubBuild number in Main Menu could be showing the date of the installation day on your PC instead of the day the update was built
- Intro : skipping intro could lead to a wrong class for the tank
- Rendering : bad clipping was occurring when looking down a hole and moving at the same time

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic41-24496.php
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Re: The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0c

Postby manutoo » 23 May 2016, 15:52

SubBuild 2016.05.23 :

New Features :
- Difficulty : slightly lowered enemy HP in "Adventurer" difficulty, and added "Soldier" difficulty between "Adventurer" and "Warrior" to cover the big gap between these 2 levels

Changes :
- Engine : upgraded to Unity 5.3.4p5 which should help fix the Level 6 Boss crash
- Dungeon : changed a downstairs teleporter destination in Level 18 so it won't be confusing about the use of the other upstairs teleporter nearby ; also added a grid between 2 of the teleporter zones, which will force to activate the 2nd teleporter instead of just directly jumping down to the 2nd zone, and thus help better to learn the exploration plan required to clear the level

Bug Fixes :
- Boss : putting an item in the electric field during the 2nd phase of the Final Boss was preventing it to work correctly
- Loot : Ranger's off-hand loot was producing an Useless Map for dungeon loot, as the Ranger cannot hold anything in his off-hand ; now it'll produce a bow or a crossbow (for people starting a new game)
- Boss : Level 6 Boss was crashing, so in addition to upgrade to latest Unity version, I added a special case to simplify the particles effect on the Boss' Avatars in case of a crash, so subsequent tries will be crash free
- Inventory : it was possible to equip prohibited weapons and armors when swapping 2 items in the character sheet or between 2 character sheets
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