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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0b

Postby manutoo » 19 Jan 2016, 07:22


The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0b is released (Build 41-2016.01.20) :

New Features :
- Dungeon : Treasure Hunt (the starting point is in the High Security zone of the prison)
- Loot : 1 new item for the Treasure Hunt
- GUI : show mob tooltip till you move the mouse after have selecting it using the Cycle Target key (Tab by default)
- GUI : show name of the current ability cast by the toon when you put the cursor over his portrait
- Localization : Italian by Vecna Lair, Markinho, and Czech by Radim Ceresnak (AKA RCX)
- Auto Pause : notification message when auto pause triggers (it can be disabled in the Helpers menu)
- Menu : added "Import Party" toggle at bottom of the "Load" screen, when you have 1 or more custom Dungeons installed, which will allow you to import your party into a new dungeon

Changes :
- Map Editor : a series of little tunings & fixes to make the editor a bit more polished & match the Map Editor documentation & tutorial => ... 469667698/
- Visual FX : Duelist's Sweeping Blow FX is now more visible
- Inventory : automatic swapping to dragging the world item when dragging its icon in the inventory and then closing the inventory using the shortcut key (instead of dropping the item on the floor when releasing the mouse button)
- Loot : changed drop rule so you'll always get exactly 1 shield and 1 dagger per random cycle for your assassin (1 cycle = ~3 levels), instead of either 2 shields, 2 daggers, or 1 dagger & 1 shield, depending of your luck
- Boss : changed a little something that could lead you to being blocked during the final Boss fight (although it was easy to notice that possibility and avoid it :) )

Bug fixes :
- Map Editor : saving the dungeon after an automatic backup triggered and before doing further changes wasn't saving anything
- Map Editor : test level was always set to the 1st level instead of the current level when using "Save & Test Level"
- Boss : fixed an exploit & a small bug in the final boss fight
- Dungeon : mechanism based on gem holders could get corrupted (and thus the doors associated with them wouldn't open even if you removed & re-put all gems)
- Dungeon : could fall through bridges in some special configurations
- Talents : Elementalist's Self-Fulfillment was refunding Mana on critical hits of Rain of Fire
- Menu : Dungeon Selection menu wasn't shown when more than 1 Dungeon was installed
- Controls : using mouse look with the inventory open and a potion in the middle left of your inventory was activating the potion when you were released the mouse button
- Controls : having more than 10 ability slots for a Toon could lead to issue with Hot Keys.
- Party : it's not possible anymore to swap the party members during a fight (to avoid a possible exploit)
- Combat : kinda fixed a bug that could lead to instakill your party members

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic41-24098.php
- Localization : Italian & Polish aren't updated for the Treasure Hunt
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Re: The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians v1.0b

Postby manutoo » 02 Feb 2016, 06:49

SubBuild 2016.02.02 :

New Features :
- Party : added a toggle to show only the portraits for the selected race (in the portrait selection screen)
- Talent : Paladin's Spiritual Shock now has a visual FX (the same than Mage's Arcane Lock)
- Combat : Custom Combat Speed from 5% to 100% the normal speed (you can activate it from Options -> Game Options -> Helpers)

Changes :
- Localization : Czech version improved
- Puzzle : Level 15 puzzle could be solved through an exploit
- Puzzle : removed a possible exploit to solve the Level 16 puzzle
- Talent : talents adding ticks to DOT abilities now also show the extra length in seconds
- Talents : extra tick time info in the tooltip is now scaled with the Toon's current Haste
- AI : mobs with channeling an ability that prevents them to move now can turn around while casting it
- Dungeon : can't get stuck in between 2 portcullis anymore in the Level 10
- Ability : Ranger's Volley of Arrows now removes the Streak Points right when finishing
- Boss : Treasure Hunt boss tuned so he's a bit more tough

Bug Fixes :
- AI : Goblin's Hunter Trail wasn't DOTing
- AI : mobs couldn't move while doing channeled abilities
- FX : periodic visual FX were shown when the target was immune to the ability, and thus were never removed
- Modding : the Spiders of the No Spiders Mod could get stuck because the skeleton replacing them are taller
- Modding : engine couldn't load sound & music files whose name was containing "#"
- Talent : Assassin's Never Ending Story was granting the Streak Point before doing the Streak Climax instead of after, and wasn't working at all for Killing Spree ; you'll need to reroll your Assassin for make NeverEnding Story work with Killing Spree
- Party : fall damage can't be prevented anymore by anything and won't trigger Elementalist's Cauterize and similar talents
- Ability : Blessed Spirit was healing when applied at first
- Dungeon : it wasn't possible to pick up an item put on the edge of a Crypt's stained glass
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