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Postby Dr.Ivo » 30 Jan 2012, 18:17

Jelena Jankovic def. Dr.Ivo 7-6(7),7-6(4),7-6(8)! :D :applause:

Very good match, he absolutely deserved to win, he played much better than me and he had more chances, he used them enough to win the match...i was hoping to win at least one set to get some momentum, but i wasnt able to do it...he had a lot of break points, but i somehow saved them all, i served and volleyed very well throughout the match although i screwed up some points...he had some unbelieveable passing shots and he played great from the baseline, i can just congrat :applause: :jap: I think i had one break point, maybe i even didnt have any, but its not so important :yes:

1.set...we held our serve without big problems here, noone had a break point and we reached the TB...there, he guessed my serve on the first point and hit a return winner, he was a bit lucky on that one :sweat: Then we held our serves until 5-2 and then he made me another minibreak with a net cord return to get 4 set points, and that is where things got really weird :lol: :lol: I won the serve point and then i magicly made him 2 minibreaks to go back to 5-6 with serve, i couldnt believe it...i dont know how i won this points, luck and his misses helped me...that was probably the only moment in the match where he missed 2 balls in a row :lol: :yes: then i won my next 2 serve points to get to a set point...but he responded fantastic, he played 2 great serve points to go up 8-7 and then made me a minibreak as he took advantage of my 2nd serve, he constructed the point great and managed to pass me with a nice shot to win the set :applause: :jap: :blackeye:

2.set...he was much more dangerous on the return here, he had like 4 or 5 break points, but i played great to save them...i even think i had a break point at the beginning of the set, in the first game, but i didnt use it...then at 2-1, he got to 15-40, but he couldnt convert as i played smart and patient :yes: We held with no big problems till he got to a 5-4 lead where he got to a 15-40 again, he had 2 set points...but again, i prevented him to break him with great volleys :yes: Then we held till the TB where he dominated...he made me a minibreak at 3-3 with an awesome passing shot, i couldnt believe he hit that, i volleyed on the line and he made a FH passing shot on the outside of the line, i couldnt believe, great shot :applause: :applause: :jap: Surprisignly, i got the minibreak back as he put his backhand miles wide, i was shocked :shock: Unfortunately for me, i couldnt use it as he got to a 5-4 lead and then played another fantastic passing shot, i couldnt do anything :applause: :yes: And at 6-4, i reacted at the net poorly as i was a bit demoralized with the previous point and i enabled him to pass me with another nice shot, but i could get to it although that point probably wouldnt mean much :yes: :blackeye:

3.set...i really dont remember when he had break points, but he had them at some moment and of course i saved it again...i was a bit lucky to save all these break points :lol: :yes: Anyway, we reached the TB where the serve was very very dominant...this time neither of us was able to make a minibreak, everything was going with the serve...he got to his first match point at 6-5, but i reacted fantastic to save it and to win another serve point to get to a 7-6 lead...of course, he saved the set point, i even managed to reach the net, but i was too late and he passed me easily...he got to 2nd match point at 8-7, but i saved that one too...and then the crucial point at 8-8, he returned my 2nd serve nice and he lobbed me, i played the smash, but i played it poorly because the lob was good and i left him the whole side empty to pass me and of course he did it :mrgreen: :yes: :blackeye: He used 3rd match point with nice baseline shots! :applause: :yes:

Very entertaining and good match, you played fantastic when you needed to, so your win is absolutely deserved, you are definitely a better player...hope to meet you again at the similar stages of GS, GG and GL in the final! :wink: :applause:
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Re: Australian Open Singles (Official Topic)

Postby Voja » 31 Jan 2012, 22:41

Voja def JJ 6/2 7/6 (3) 7/6 (5)
Very very hard match, see ya at RG , GL :roll:
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