how can I change the net one by one?

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Re: how can I change the net one by one?

Postby wilddog79 » 24 Jan 2021, 00:53

Davyd_1982 wrote:Probably your game error is here = "Where I created Nstar folder inside of scripts/Nets/Nstar"

You need to assign your new nets in this specific folder =

"Tennis Elbow 2013\Mods\Name of Your Mod\Data\models\textures\nets"

This is the correct folder that the game will load your court nets, never add a folder or a file inside the folder scripts because the game will not recognize the nets in this folder !!!

Hope this can help you !!!

But I haven't added folders or files on scripts folder, I created a folder named Nstar on Tennis Elbow 2013\Mods\Name of Your Mod\Data\models\textures\nets, where this step doesn't doesn't worked for me. The method that worked was replacing the misc_00.tga file (located on Tennis Elbow 2013\Mods\Name of Your Mod\Data\models\textures\nets/Challenger) with the net that I created. It obviously wasn't the best way this last one, and it's the point that i want to correct.

I think I don't explained correctly in the previous message, so I hope to have cleared the confusing and waiting if you can make some kind of tutorial or videotutorial within of the possible always and when you can.

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