Nalbandian Yonex + Era Question!

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Nalbandian Yonex + Era Question!

Postby GeniusCoyote » 12 Nov 2014, 14:41

Hello, i´m new here, i downloaded Tennis Elbow 2013 and Sam´s Patch and i´m addicted to it!! It´s amazing, the best Tennis Game ever for me.
I have one Question, is it possible for someone of you to create Nalbandians Yonex Outfit from the 2007 Australian Open, or can you say me which outfit comes near and can modified to look like it, i have in my Game a couple of Yonex Outfits that i tried to modify into this Dress, but nothing looks exactly like this. It is not so bad when no One likes to create it, it´s only a request. :mrgreen:
I want to link the Picture of Nalbys Outfit, but it says (Your post looks too spamy for a new user, please remove off-site URLs.), what can i do?

2) i have also another question, when its go about the Carrer Mode, i play my own created character, but i like Nalbandian a lot and i would like to see him in the rankings and in the Tournaments like 2012 and so on to play better, i know in real life he was injured and can´t play so good, but thats a game, and it would make me happy when he compete against Raonic, Nishikori in 2014-2015 and so on, also players like Gonzalez and Davydenko. So in short, i want to ask if it is possible to make the Era from Davydenko/Ljubo/Nalby and the Era of Raonic/Nishikori/Dimitrov to fall in the same years, so that these players compete against each other in the big tournaments, have you any suggestions ? :jap: ( and it is possible in sams patch in the carrer mode to upgrading the stats of a cpu player to compete better in tournaments, for example nalbandian!)

3) a small question, is it possible to remove in sams patch in the carrer mode Robredos (CPU) eyeglasses? So that he doesn´t wear them when i play against him?

Thank you for all your help.
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Re: Nalbandian Yonex + Era Question!

Postby manutoo » 13 Nov 2014, 04:59


the answer is yes to all your questions, and all the player modifications are explained in the HowToMod => topic29-4059.php .
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