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TEM2 - STEAM version

Postby Belroy » 30 Jan 2022, 18:02

Hello Manu,

I haven't played for a while because I switched from TEM2 to TE4, however after some time I decided to play my Steam TEM2 version. Unfortunatelly, after few last patches I'm unable to open the game. Game freeze at the TEM2 loading screen and because of that I can't send you a ingame bug report. I tried to reinstal game and to unsinstal mods aswell, none of this helped. This is a first time when something like that happened to me and I already have around 80h in game.

Best Regards
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Re: TEM2 - STEAM version

Postby manutoo » 31 Jan 2022, 07:32


try to restart your PC, if you never do that (ie: should not turn off & back on, but really restart), and then launch the game again.

If it still fails, follow the manual steps to send me your log file, maybe it'll have some info : topic19-4589.php .
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