Real players?

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Real players?

Postby Pauly_Bruh! » 02 Apr 2022, 02:43

Hi there,

It seems my last posted topic got deleted without response but I really just need the help so, all I ask, please help me without simply referencing a previous topic.

Have a discussion with me because I am simply trying to get the most out of your product.

I have gone into several other forum topics about getting real players to use.

The answer always directs back to:
"View any character sheet and then export.........."

I open the character sheets, and I simply have nothing there....

If I need to download players packs, please tell me where and how to and I will do so because at this stage, I am sick of only using the same stupid, stupid, nameless startup player and I just want to use some actual players.

I had TE2013 and it didn't seem this hard. Please, help!!!
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Re: Real players?

Postby manutoo » 02 Apr 2022, 06:15


I didn't delete any of your posts.

I'm not sure what you want to do. Do you want to play a career with a real player ? If so, start a new career and select pick up a player from the base. But players in the base, don't look like their real counterpart; if it's what you're after, you'll need to wait for Mods offering such kinds of things... :)
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Re: Real players?

Postby Burned » 02 Apr 2022, 09:32


I think you used to play with a modded version of TE2013. So it wasn't the original players bases but a modded one.
Modded players bases aren't available yet in TE4 so for now you've got 2 solutions :
- mod the game yourself using informations from that link : topic60-33540.php
- wait for a modded players base to come out in a mod (might come out soon I reckon)


PS : By the way, your previous post hasn't been deleted in any way, see there : viewtopic.php?t=33887
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