Few Questions for TE4

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Few Questions for TE4

Postby The14thShard » 20 Sep 2018, 18:45

Hi Manutoo,

HUGE THANKS for creating the Tennis Elbow series. TE2013 is my most favorite game ever and I have been eagerly waiting for the new release.

I have a few ideas that you can perhaps consider:
1 • Will the Laver Cup be part of the tour? I think it would be a fun edition. Same with Hopman Cup as well.
2 • On that note, would it be possible to follow the WTA results as well? I think it would add to the authenticity and would be fun keeping track of the female players in our career mode.
3 • It would be cool if we could compare our stats against some of the all-time records (e.g. Grand Slam titles, Masters titles, tournament wins, etc.)
4 • Will it be possible to view player profiles? Nothing fancy. Just the player's performance timeline at all tournaments, or atleast the major ones. (Really sorry if this feature was already available. It’s been a while since I last played the game.)
5 • Will it be possible to manually downgrade the skills of an AI player in-between a career mode? (In my last save in TE2013, out of nowhere, Elliot Teltscher just went crazy and won all four Slams in the same year. And, I couldn’t continue with that save any longer.)

Many thanks again for all your good work. You.Are.The.Best!

Re: Few Questions for TE4

Postby manutoo » 21 Sep 2018, 08:00


1) Not planned for now

2) No

3) You can see that at the end of your career, when you retire

4) From the Rankings screen, click on a Player to see his Activity screen, then on his name to see his Character Sheet

5) Already possible => https://www.managames.com/Forum/topic29-4059.php
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