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player in menus

Postby needham » 05 Aug 2007, 14:28

i am playin a player called player 1 and his ELO is about 1700 he broke me and then i broke him twice and i am leading 5:4 at this moment in time but he has decided to go into menus for about halff an hour and i aint leaving the game.....i think they should carry on playing cos they still have a chance to win and if they want people to they they are good because of their ELO their wrong because most of them players are still calledplayer 1 so they dont know much about this game!!! :x :roll: :D

Postby Bojan » 28 Jul 2008, 23:45

Pukovnik wrote:Yesterday I played 8 matches in the space of 15 minutes and every single player retired after the first break of serve. I suggest we put some kind of a list of those unfair players and just ignore them completly.

And then what? They can always change display name.. :?
I'm really getting sick of those people. I retired few times mostly because I had to go AFC and two times, I have to admit, I retired from those players who dropshot every single hit..
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