dam ((( [ELO going down]

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dam ((( [ELO going down]

Postby :( » 03 Sep 2007, 22:46

i lead in match and now have 3 match points but my opponent stoped the game.... and says ,,bye,,
now i need to reconect and lose my ELO ? thats not fair.... please corect dis game rules.... if some one stop game and wait ~10minutes, than he loses match and hes ELO decreases by ~ 100 points..... maybe than they will stop to do like that :(

(sorry for bad english) :cry:

Postby manutoo » 04 Sep 2007, 10:34


in next update (coming probably tomorrow), if a player is away or in menus for more than 1m15, you could exit the game and make him lose 5% of his ELO ...
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Postby :( » 04 Sep 2007, 13:29


ohh thanks, that will be much bether! :)

please after update insert here link where i can dowload it...

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