Changes for better online game ?

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Changes for better online game ?

Postby Wittgenstein » 03 Aug 2007, 00:25


I know the thing I mention have already been discussed, but they have not been adressed yet, so I say it again :
1) when you click on another window than TElbow, you get a "X a basculé vers une autre application" window. That way people may play TE and still do other things meanwhile, which is most annoying for the opponent who wnants to play quick and/or seriously. I have never seen such a feature in any online game : when you play, you just play.
2) there must be a way to prevent X from pausing indefinitly the game because he's angry and doesn't want to lose ELO points. I would still prefer to have no pause at all allowed (anyway, most games are short), than that.

That said, I love this game (even though I'm still bad) !

Postby manutoo » 06 Aug 2007, 07:08


1) at 1st, I did the online mode so friends could play together... Now, actually, everybody plays with everybody, and as they are many kiddy players around, it gives some annoying result... Hopefully the upcoming update will lower this kind of behavior...

2) On next update, you'll have to possibility to close the chat window opening by your opponent, and it will be possible to open it only one time per point... I'm thinking as well about adding a 45s auto-close delay when entering the menu... Then the only problem left with be people swapping to another application... :roll:
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