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Postby percy896 » 30 Jan 2007, 00:02

Hi, I'd like to create a tennis ladder for online Tennis Elbow play. I was wondering if you Manutoo would be interested in maybe making some sort of sub-forum or even a sticky for the ladder. I know how to run things like this, as I run Percy's Fantasy Tennis League and Percy's Tennis Forum. I think it would bring some more life and organization to the online play. You can e-mail me at
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Postby manutoo » 01 Feb 2007, 08:37


there was already someone who tried that, but it wasn't much successful...
Now that the online mode is almost free (at least, you can play forever on the Blue-green cement court, with a 11-min trial time when you play against another trial version), I guess it should lead more people to play the game.
January has been a good month, with not far of 100 online games per day.
If you want to do a ladder, I can set to sticky your topic about it, in the "Online Tennis Games" forum (where this topic will move soon..! ;) ), or even create a forum "Online Tennis Ladder" if you think it'll give more visibility...

But most people who are playing online never come to read the forum... :?
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