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Postby Aygo » 30 Oct 2011, 00:02

Hello everyone,

I'm very dissapointed about players that leaving the match after 1 game.

Yes evrybody start in this game with losses=>me too!

But if you break such players in the first game=>they quit!

=>>>>>>>>>> For the guy's they break up the match early: Play just your level and is an opponent better then you =>you can learn from him.

Sometimes you can take a look in his player statistics and watch replays (important information)but replays do it after the match offcourse!

It helps you alot and gives you good information if you play them again later.
I played over 1000 matches and many players forget =>THIS IS A VERY HARD GAME SOMETIMES!!!

You must practice and play more and more and more matches.

Thanks Aygo

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