Can't find main server

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Can't find main server

Postby Fed_Ex » 17 Nov 2006, 01:48

Hello there Manu :)

When i click "create host" that message appears on screen.

What's that?

Using the demo version until December :wink:

Postby manutoo » 19 Nov 2006, 19:09


sorry for the delay to answer, I didn't have time to answer your message when I saw it at 1st, and after I forgot it... :oops:

so, if the message "Can't find main server" appears when you create a server, it means the game can't connect to the site .
The reason can be because of your firewall. You should then allow Tennis Elbow to access Internet through the TCP port 80.
It can be also because the site is down or temporally unreachable.

Did you already manage to create a game without getting this message ?
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Postby Fed_Ex » 21 Nov 2006, 20:51

i don't know how but now it's working OK :)

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