Problems with acceleration shots

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Problems with acceleration shots

Postby Anne » 16 Sep 2011, 11:49

I have 100% in backhand and forhand, 0 in topspin and when I hit acceleration shot ball is kinda slow, only around 135 km/h. I dk why and I'm constatly overpowered by other players who hit like 140 - 150km/h all the time. I know how I should hit the ball, I have preview on but its always the same and I dk what to do. Can it be because of ping, lag ? I'm confused but when I have the same stats as other players and they hit 150 and I only 135 its weird and annoying :) pls help me if u can thanks !!

Re: Problems with acceleration shots

Postby tlato entwistle » 16 Sep 2011, 20:46

to hit a powerful 150 kph shot, u should be in the green zone of the danger zone (if turned off, turn it on, it will help u a lot)
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Re: Problems with acceleration shots

Postby manutoo » 17 Sep 2011, 04:27

Be sure to not have picked "Counter" style as well ; this play style is special and it's harder to hit powerful shots with it.
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