Opponent hitting Rocket balls!!!

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Opponent hitting Rocket balls!!!

Postby Yasin Ozkan » 21 Aug 2011, 18:32


Today I played against someone, he hits the ball so hard as a rocket !
I dont know how he did it, he just costumized the players stats he sais.
I was the host and I set it to realist mode, everytime he hits the ball,
he was hitting it sooo hard and so flat, even when he was running.
I dont understand it, my stats is all 100 and topspin 0, even with a clear shot it doesnt hit like that dude..
Is it a bug or ?? I was thinking maybe the forehand and backhand motions ??

Yasin Ozkan
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: Rocket!!!

Postby manutoo » 22 Aug 2011, 07:03

Maybe he played with Counter style.
Turn on Ball Speed Display in In-Game Options menu, to know how fast are your opponent's strikes.
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Re: Opponent hitting Rocket balls!!!

Postby S.Williamz » 28 Aug 2011, 20:18

If the opponent moves really well it gives the impression they hit very hard on each shot, as they don't get much handicap from bad positioning, being late etc.
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