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Internet Game - Trial

Postby Vin » 03 Jul 2006, 16:32

What does the Trial heading mean in the internet game list? I've noticed that sometimes there is Yes, No and Accepted in the list.

Also, if your ping is too high for an internet game, what happens if you try and host a private game and share your direct IP address? Will this get around the high ping issue?

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Postby manutoo » 03 Jul 2006, 16:48


Trial :
- yes => the host has the demo version
- accepted => the host has the full version but accepts to play with people having the demo version
- no => the host has the full version and doesn't accept to play with people having the demo version

Too high ping :
You can join the game by using the IP to over pass a too high ping, but the network engine can handle only a 117ms lag at most ( => 234ms ping), so the game will run, but it'll be slower than normal anytime the ping will exceed 234ms (in addition to being very laggy).

Personnally, I think a 100ms lag (for 200ms ping and lower) is the maximum possible to have a bit of fun (and the lag is already very noticeable), but it may depends of your taste.
A lag of 50ms (100ms ping) is fully playable, and a lag of 33ms (66ms ping) is barely noticeable...
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