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Tennis Elbow... [Online]

Postby guest1 » 11 Jun 2006, 17:14

I think its great that someone has made a game like this, but it seems like it has many things that could be improved. For example, moving left and right. Its too sluggish, it takes time after you hit the button to start moving and that really affects the game and it causes me almost every time to miss the ball because i cant get there in time. Another thing is that its extremely hard to return serves, theres too much of an advantage. Plus, you cant see the sides of the courts very well so its hard to see where the ball is going on serves.

Postby manutoo » 11 Jun 2006, 20:14


you didn't say, but I guess you're talking mainly about the Online mode right ?

1.) slow reaction time
It's due to the lag, and the only solution to remove this lag would be to create some even more bad lag effect on the ball...

The best to avoid this is to play against people with a ping less than 60ms, then the lag is almost unnoticeable.

In offline mode, there's no delay...

2.) Too strong serve
You can set the Skill Mode to Fair or Tourney to limit the serve skill to 75%, and even disable it if the lag is 50ms or more (ping of 100ms or more)

In offline mode, you just need to train yourself to react fast enough. The computer AI doesn't serve too well in Beginner, Club & Junior mode.

3.) Side of courts
Yup, it's a bit annoying, but right now, there's nothing much possible to do about it...
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