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Postby murder flies etc. » 12 Mar 2010, 21:07


Hi there...

I've just checked, a couple of minutes ago, whether you were telling the truth when you said that you decided not to quit anymore... ("I used to do that, but now I'm a fair player" story, etc. (it's in Krisztian Jakab topic below)) Guess what guys? He still quits. From this day on, I'm done trying/hoping... and will start ignoring you completely, after I say this one last hing:

Dude, I do somehow understand how all this might seem insignificant (unimportant) to you, just an online tennis game, right, you don't care one bit; but even the smallest things in your life that you've done will hit you back at one point or another; that's physics: it's inevitable... or better yet, it's KARMA.

Sometimes I'm feel so ashamed for you. Can you even comprehend that? I feel ashamed for YOU. If that doesn't tell you anything, feel free to keep on doing what you're doing, keep on behaving however you think is best.
murder flies etc.


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