Players constantly refusing other players

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Players constantly refusing other players

Postby Ilie Nastase 2 » 16 Feb 2018, 11:56

I've noticed that I have practically downloaded the game for nothing. I can't host any game because of a port error (which seems to be pretty common even to players that bought the full version of the game) and I am refused constantly by many players. Some years ago I was able to host games, now beside the fact that I can't host, because of the fact that I have a junior level (which means nothing in my opinion when every win is given to the opposite player when the time is up) and because I have just a few games played (which is nt exactly true, just that I play from another computer where there were registered just the games from when I started to play from there). It's ok, everybody is free to choose his partner, it's frustrating but I'll take it, but I just can't stand when I see players writting at their status (I PLAY EVERYONE) to just refuse you the second you try to reach them. That is ridiculous and not fair-play at all in my opinion. PS: Of course when I tried to play a contest, when none of us couldn't host the game, for some reason the win was accorded to the other player, which is another thing I couldn't get.
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Re: Players constantly refusing other players

Postby NESXA » 16 Feb 2018, 12:56

What is your elo?
What is your reputation?
Are you good in match (I mean on your behaviour)?
And do you have good connection with more than 70% of players?
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