Please Forgive me! I am sorry to everyone!

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Please Forgive me! I am sorry to everyone!

Postby NoNameGuy » 04 Feb 2016, 16:01

I am a person who wrote non sense and abusive posts to some people here on forum for a long time. I am ashamed of myself even to say my name. I am sorry to all of you. I just don't want to hurt you anymore. All abusive posts here in this forum whether I wrote them or not, I take the responsibility of all those posts. The people that hurt you would have been me, I am sorry to everyone who had been this forum! I am just ashamed to say my name. Manutoo might know my name by IP. He can tell you. I am okay with it. But please don't ask me as I may not reply because of shame :( I hope all of you to be happy and don't care about my abusive comments before. If I had an opportunity I would like to delete all those comments. But I can't now, so I can't do anything than say a "Sorry" :( :( :( Have fun. Cya :)

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