A moan about key users

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A moan about key users

Postby fatehasfans » 15 Dec 2015, 02:30

Just want to complain about the advantage key users have over controller users. Every decent key user over 1k has the time to actually 'wiggle' the direction from side to side to pick up speed before choosing a direction to run and its a joke. If I hit a shot across my opponent he simply 'wiggles' quickly from side to side (the fact he even has the time to change momentarily to the wrong direction in order pick up speed is an absolute travesty). Nearly every player is doing it and all are key users so ban the keyboard! Also, don't talk about Richie using a controller because tbh I don't believe that for a second. Using keys has a clear speed advantage over controller users and if you don't adapt to keys then you are simply at a disadvantage and it's killing the game, for me.

That players can micro-shuffle from left to right before picking a direction is just killing it for me.
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Re: A moan about key users

Postby djarvik » 17 Dec 2015, 23:12

Can you explain how to "wiggle" precisely? I cant understand how it works. I am a keyboard user with about 1400 ELO. I tried what you suggested and it makes it worse....no, MUCH worse.

Unless you talking about circle dance? .....which is actually significantly easier to do with a pad then a keyboard and it uses a in game build speed boost when going backwards.

If anything, Pad should be banned before keyboard - circle dancing makes the game boring to me.

Some even using it on returns.....they run backwards just as you about to hit a serve and get a Boost.
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