Some help with Returning serves please

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Some help with Returning serves please

Postby fatehasfans » 01 Aug 2015, 17:30

I am trying to learn the game at a competent level and I seem to be plodding along nicely, when I actually get into rallies. However, when it comes to returning a serve I just can't guess which way the ball is going, either I move out wide a little and they smash down the line or I come central a little and they smash out wide. Even if I place myself in the middle I feel I have to commit to a side just to be able to get something on the racket and that is my other problem since I can barely reach for returns when I do hit the ball back there is nothing on it and it comes back with massive interest. Now when it comes to my opponents returning not only are hitting my serves but their returns come at me twice as fast and they seem to have no problems getting there in fact they seem to know where I am hitting the ball and this is EVERYTIME! And they also have time to charge their shots and hit the ball back to me extremely hard. What am I doing wrong? How can they be in position all the time?

Someone told me that I need to press and hold the shot button as they are serving and it indicates where the ball is going but I tried this but when they throw the ball up in the air and I hold the shot button down I see no hint from my own player where he thinks the serve is going except that after the shot is hit he moves a micro inch but by that time the ball fizzes past me, how is it possible to read that? For that to work I need to be watching my player the moment the ball is hit but then I need to look at the court after that and by that time its all over, so not only does this all happen in a micro-second but it leaves absolutely no time to charge the button, does anyone have advice on this because the consistency of other players hitting my returns makes me think there is a way to learn and it is not just guesswork. I am holding my own in rallies but when it comes to returning serves I have no clue. The same person said that I should not be looking at my own player but at the opponent but if I do that then I cannot see if my player moves left or right but I have my auto-position settings on low, is this a factor? Please please help this is driving me nuts and it makes me feel everyone knows something I don't and I have no chance in games until I learn as Im losing nearly every return game 40-0.

Gah my sanity!
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