Family-friendly no more

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Family-friendly no more

Postby CC » 26 Jun 2009, 03:12

A few players are ruining the once respectable online games. They are using curse words for their names and sometimes using such language in their hosting message. I realize that it is difficult to restrict such things (as people are creative and would try to bypass simple "dictionary" filters), but perhaps the IP addresses of those continuing to do these things could be banned for some time? This information, I assume, is available from logs recording hosted games, player names, and addresses? I say, everyone else just ban these scoundrels and not play with them (at least that is what I will do).

This is a different issue, but I think that some players also are doing things to cause "lag" to occur when their opponent is serving and such. This happens too often with some players; the ping is great for them to join, and then once play starts, it is horrible. Also, I know some do it because some are move obvious about it (such as quickly swapping applications back and forth). There are many times lately when the ping is very good (around 200 ms, and often lower), but the game play is jerky, and it seems to become jerky when these players' opponent is serving. So, their opponent has trouble getting a serve in and commits errors because they can't properly control positioning when running to the ball. It just seems that some people don't care about fairness and just want to win at all costs, and also don't care about respecting decency, and will gladly be offensive.

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Re: Family-friendly no more

Postby manutoo » 27 Jun 2009, 14:58


unfortunately, most people don't have a fixed IP, so there's nothing much I can do without creating an account system based on a valid email... (which would still not work perfectly to stop this kind of abuse anyway... :fear: )

About the lag, I'm not sure, it depends how systematic it is...
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