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Postby Guest » 01 Feb 2006, 01:36

Hi, I am the administrator for a tennis forum and was wondering if there would be any way to have a league online for some (or all) of my members. Meaning there would be a schedule and they would play each other online while competing for points/ranks like the real game. If it's not possible to have the same schedule for everyone, then maybe if I could just set up a match for them and make my own tournament on my forum, so they would just play a match without the complications of an online program schedule (which would seem to be very hard to do). I know you already said online muliplayer could come out in a month, but could these issues be addressed before? Thanks 8)

Postby manutoo » 01 Feb 2006, 05:52


no, sorry, there won't be an Online Server to handle tournaments & schedule, it's just too much work.
For now, I'll focus on making the network play actually playable... ;)

Maybe I'll try to implement something so the game could post match result online, and let tournament organizer like you to check the score.

What's your forum URL ?

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Postby Guest » 01 Feb 2006, 14:47

Here is my forum URL:

I figured the online tournament schedule would be pretty tough to make, but that other stuff sounds great! Thanks alot and I hope this gets working soon!

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