Opponent affects your skills?

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Opponent affects your skills?

Postby Guest » 11 Apr 2009, 07:24

I've noticed that my power, precision and consistency vary depending on my opponent. I'm a puncher and my groundstrokes are usually quite powerful. Against certain players, however, my power drops dramatically and unforced errors reach frustrating levels. I'm thus forced to hit shorter and poorly angled shots, most of which can be easily put away. I wonder if this is because my opponent has adopted a defender or counter-puncher playing style. If this is the case, then should I create different profiles against different opponents? I would see a point in doing so for different surfaces.

Re: Opponent affects your skills?

Postby nagateja » 11 Apr 2009, 08:41

I too feel the same :yes: .But creating different profiles may show considerable affect like having
Less height more fast u can run etc. but then remember serve of your opponent is hard to catch :sweat:
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Re: Opponent affects your skills?

Postby manutoo » 11 Apr 2009, 09:32

ur opponent skills only influence indirectly your strikes... Main case : if ur opponent uses a lot of topspin, u have to step back far from the baseline to do your acceleration with the max of power.
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