Hosting "problems" : "someone just asked your game info"

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Hosting "problems" : "someone just asked your game info"

Postby admirschleck » 25 Jun 2014, 21:33

Hi guys. This probably isn't an issue, but me being noob in all of this, so please be patient and have some understanding. Thanks in advance.

Anyways, after successfully setting up ports today, I decided to try hosting. I pass connection test and everything seems alright, but when someone joins my game - this appears and I can't seem to find the "Start" button or the button that will show me who am I playing against. Here's the screen:

I don't remember making a game private or anything else that would make someone need any info to share for joining my game. Oh, and I am using latest (1.16 I think) ITST patch.
Thanks for help, Admir
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Re: Hosting "problems" : "someone just asked your game info"

Postby manutoo » 26 Jun 2014, 04:20


This message means someone got your game info from the Internet Server List screen. Normally, if you see this message, it also means that you correctly configured your firewall & router, and normally after a little while, someone should actually join your game, and in such case the screen will change and you'll get a "Play" button (and other stuff).
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Re: Hosting "problems" : "someone just asked your game info"

Postby Yasin Ozkan » 26 Jun 2014, 16:40

Thats because the player did not join your game yet, just looking at your info. When a player joins you will hear a sound like you won a nobel price, then you will be able to start the game :-)
Yasin Ozkan
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