Won 2 Matches Out of 30

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Won 2 Matches Out of 30

Postby phaggotgame » 22 Jun 2014, 22:11

Has there been any changes to TE in the last two months? I was climbing elo with a breeze. Played around 40 games and had around a 95% win rate against players ranging from 2k elo to 2.8k elo. Now that I have started playing again, my elo has just been consistently dropping. Went from 2.2k elo to 1.8k elo now. I have played 30 matches since and lost all of them, but two. I'm even losing to 1200 elo players and players in the 1900 range are giving me breadsticks. What's the cause of this? There's no way my level of play has dropped this much since I was breezing through all my matches. What is going on?

Re: Won 2 Matches Out of 30

Postby manutoo » 23 Jun 2014, 03:56


you can see latest changes there => topic15-17888.php .

Nothing major has been changed, so if you didn't base your game on exploiting net cords, maybe your drop of level is due to change in the game settings you played. (ie: Fair vs Realistic modes, Simulation vs Elite controls)
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