Internet Protocol IPv6 ?

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Internet Protocol IPv6 ?

Postby Heinrich von Westphalen » 15 Feb 2014, 10:45

is there any chance that Online Mode of TE support IPv6? Sony already solved this problem for PS ... Microsoft obviously not. :whistle:

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Heinrich von Westphalen
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Re: Internet Protocol

Postby manutoo » 16 Feb 2014, 03:53


I think DirectPlay supports IPv6 so core networking of TE should support IPv6 ; issue is with IPv6 publishing.
The IP field of "Join Distant Game" can have up to 40 characters, and a IPv6 is 39 characters long, so it might work.
So main issue is with the server list hosted by managames (the one seen in "Internet Games" menu) which currently only supports IPv4. To update it to IPv6, I'd need my ISP to have IPv6 support so I could actually test its implementation, but right now, I'm still in IPv4.
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